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My Story from the first spanking


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The Start (my first spanking from a friend)

Well this is where it all started for me. When I was in high school, I was still being punished by my parents with a licking. I was dating a boy that I liked a lot and he had a real close friend that we would double date with all the time. This friend of his was a bit of a bad boy and use to cut school a lot. He even talked my mom into call the school for him as his mother to cover for him.

One day he came over in the morning and ask my mother to call him out sick and she did. I really did not want to go to school that day so I knew when my mom left for work, I could just come back home which I did. We listen to music and danced and had a lot of fun for most of the morning. Then he laid down on the sofa and I did the same on the love seat and we feel asleep for a while. When he woke up, he swatted my bottom hard and said time to go so that I would be out of the house when my mother came home. It was the perfect crime and I got away with it. But that swat on my bottom was a turn on for me and all I could think about for the rest of the day.

After that I knew that the next time it would have to go much more than one swat on the butt. It was a week later that we cut school again. This was just like before my mom called him out and when she left, I came home, and we were alone to enjoy our day. I wanted him to do more swatting so for most of the morning I was a real brat. I did everything I could to get under his skin. Finally, he had enough and said, “if you don’t stopped breaking my balls I am going to spank you.” I laugh at him and told him he was not man enough. The next think he was sitting on the sofa and I was face down over his lap and he was spanking me harder that my mother ever did. I kept telling him to stop but I did not want him to. He kept it up for about 5 minutes then push me to the floor where I rubbed and rubbed my bottom. He had a huge smile on his face and said, “do you want to break my balls now?” All I said to him was “you are a Brut and a Bully.” He just said, “Yea I guess so but how is your ass doing?” As he kept smiling down at me. I told him “it hurts like hell” and “he said good job well done.”

After my first spanking I knew that I wanted to do more playing with it. But my boyfriend at the time was not the right guy for the job. However, his best friend was the right guy and he proved it to me with the first spanking. What I had to do was get the spankings I wanted to experience without anyone finding out who I had doing it.

A week went by and there were many times that the 3 of us were together and even 2 date nights with all 4 of us, and nothing was said about my spanking to either of our dates. My boyfriend had to use the restroom at the diner and so did Sue. That left me and Joe at the table alone. The first thing he said was “how are your buns”? I blushed and said, “just fine”. Then he surprised me and came right out and ask if I would ever break his balls again. Without hesitation I said, “Every chance I get”. He just smiled. I didn’t want to let him know at that time I was looking forward to him spanking me for it but I did say, “ go ahead and smile but  You are not going to change how I am or treat you”. He said, “I see you are challenging me. Well I hope your ass can take it”. I said, “don’t you worry about my ass it is and will be just fine”. Just as we watched our dates coming back to the table and we did bring it up for the rest of the night.

When I got home all I could think about was when we would be alone again and how I would get that 2nd spanking I so wanted. I did not have to wait long. The next day was Saturday and Joe came by to see if Paul was with me because he wanted to go and shoot some pool. I told him that Paul got called into work for the day and just left. He wanted to know if anyone was home. I told him my mother went shopping and my father and brother went fishing.  He said with a smile on his face “Oh so you are here along”. My heart started to beat much faster and I said yes what’s it to you”? He just said let’s go inside and finish the talk we started last night”. I did not want to be to compiling to fast. I said “we said all that had to be said. There is nothing else to talk about”. Right then I know I was starting to back out even though I really want to just run inside and see if he would spank me. He smiles and then said, “I see you did learn your lesson about breaking my balls from your spanking and don’t want to get another one”. He was forcing me to let him in the house and I knew that if I did, I would get what I really wanted. “Ok if you want to go in and talk, we can go in and talk”. I got up went in and he followed. Once inside He just grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen pulled a chair out from the table and pulled me over his lap. I yelled “you wanted to talk. I thought we were going to talk”. Just as the first spank landed on my bottom. I yelled out “THAT HURT”. He said “It is going to hurt a lot more before I finish. And he went on to spank me long and hard. I was yelling “I didn’t do anything to get spanked for. This is not fair. You said if I broke your balls you would spank me. I didn’t do that”. But the spanking went on and my bottom was not on firer and hurting. As I started to cry, he just said to me as he spanking the spanking “who can spank you when he wants to”? When I did not answer the spanking started again. I yelled out “You can, You can, YOU CAN”. The spanking stopped and he let me up and I did a real spanking dance rubbing my bottom the whole time. He sat there and watched. After I stopped dancing (But not the rubbing). I looked at him and said, “that was very hard for not doing anything wrong”. Rubbing, Rubbing, Rubbing. He looked at me and said, “did you want it to be a playful spanking. Or did you want it to be real”? I blushed real red lowered my head and just “real”. He said, “that is what I thought, and I wanted to give you just that”. I said to him “this has to be our secret please no can find out”. “So, you want to do this again” he said. I nodded yes.

Once Joe agreed that it would be just the 2 of us that would ever know I felt better about moving forward with him spanking me. After each spanking he game me I had days of excitement and the most enjoyable masturbation ever. I wanted more of it, but I wanted to be careful not to get caught by anyone. School was over and Joe had a job as a lifeguard do the shore and I knew that for 2 months I would have to do without my new pleasure. This year joe got a lot closer to both my parents and he was good at fixing things at our house and my father taught him a lot treating him like the son he never had. I was still dating Paul and he had Sue that he had dated since they started high school. He had found time to spank me every time we could find time at my house alone (for me it was not enough) and they were real spankings long and hard but always with my cloths on. I can tell you he really made my bottom red and it would hurt for a day after. The day before he left to work down the shore, we had hoped that he would give me one last one to hold me over till he came back after the summer. That did not happen between my parents being home and Sue would not leave him get a foot away from her it was not going to happen. I was making the best of it and my parents had a surprise for me saying that they rented a house down the shore for 2 weeks. I was happy this is something we never did so it was a surprise. They told me that they had an extra room if I wanted to ask Paul to come with us. He couldn’t because he was working at his father’s store. But he would come down one night and stay the next day. Which was good with me. When we got down and I went to find Joe and he was on the beech watching the swimmers in the ocean. He said, “I see you missed me”. I just said “well one thing you do “. He laughed and took a break and we walked down the beech a little way. He said, “who are you with and will we find time to be alone”? I told him my parents and Paul would be here on Saturday night and all-day Sunday”. “My parents will go out most nights and we would have a lot of time to get down to business”. We made plans to walk the boardwalk that night. He came over to the apartment we rented at about 6 and talked to my parents for about an hour till they left for dinner and said to me they would see me in a few hours.  We went to the boardwalk and they drove away, and we went right back to the apartment. Once we were alone Joe sat down and said, “I believe you have a spanking coming from the day I left”. I started to say something, but he had my arm and pulled me over his lap. Right away he started to spank me hard and fast and I was kicking and saying that I didn’t do anything to get spanked but the spanking went on for 15 minutes I was crying like a 10 year old when he finished. He let me up and I did my now normal spanking dance rubbing my bottom the hold time. He said that “I needed that as much as he needed to do it” and for me to freshen up so we can leave and go up to the boardwalk so my parents could get back before us. I did and we left. I was glad to be walking and not sitting while we talked. My bottom hurt bad. As we walked, I told him how sore my bottom was and he just said, “did you want it real or just a play spanking”? Real is all I know but God my bottom was hurting.  We ate and walked then he walked me back to the apartment and He said goodnight to my parents and said he would see us on the beech tomorrow.

The next morning Joe came to our apartment and surprised us by taking us to breakfast. I was still very sore from the spanking he gave me the night before and could not wear a bathing suit because my bottom was so red, I had to put long shorts on. The 4 of us went to a pancake house he knew, and it had wood chairs at the table with no cushion on them. I know he did it on purpose. I was moving around the whole time and he smiled every time he saw me trying to get comfortable. He went to work, and we went to the beach. My father asks me why I was not in a bathing suit and I told him I didn’t want to get too red on the first day. (If he only knew just how red I already was). By the end of the day we were planning dinner and they ask me if Joe would be joining us. I told them I didn’t think so. We went to dinner and they wanted to go to a movie, But I just wanted to go back to the apartment, so I didn’t go with them. When I got back to the apartment Joe was sitting on the porch. I stood there and he said sit let’s talk. I sat and still feeling his spanking from the night before. He asks, “How did you like the chairs at the pancake house”? I said, “you did that on purpose”. “Yes “he said. “That was not funny I could ware my bathing suit because my bottom was still so red”. He was laughing at me and I thought about some smart remarks that I could say to him but knowing he would take me inside and spank me again I keep my mouth closed. And he knew it. We were still on the porch when my parents came back, and he said goodnight to everyone and left. The next day my bottom was much better and the color was normal so on went the bathing suit and we went to the beach and I burned bad that day and that ruined the rest of the first week and some of the 2nd week.  Joe told me I was going to be spanked for getting so sunburned. I knew it was going to happen as soon as my sunburn stopped hurting. Well 2 nights before we left My parents were going out just the 2 of them for the night and I was left alone and waited for Joe to come by. When he got there, he said “are you ready?” I said, “let’s sit here and talk first”. We did and about an hour later I got up and went inside and he followed me in. He took a chair from the kitchen table and sat down and tapped on him lap. I walked over to him and went over his lap. He got a good hold on my and ask me if I was ready. I said yes and he spanked me much slower than he ever did before for the first 5 minutes and then stopped. I thought WOW I am getting off easy. Then he went back to spanking me as he normally does. And I think it hurt more from the warmup he gave me with the slow spanks to start. I started to cry and promise not to get sunburn every again, but the spanking went on.  After what seemed like forever, he stopped the spanking and said, “you know this is going to be the last spanking I can give you till school is going to start”. “So, do you want me to stop”. I had to say, “Yes that my bottom was on fire and it was going to hurt for days”. He let me up and I did the spank dance and rub. We talked about 30 more minutes till I stopped crying and wanted to go to bed so he left, and I went to bed. We all hung out the last couple of days till we left and by the time we were going home my bottom was back to normal. After I was back home again I was a little sorry I did let Joe give me just a little my spanking that last time but I knew once school starts again I would be spanked as much as I wanted. And I was Right on.

After the summer things got back to normal. I was still dating Paul and Joe was still dating Sue. Joe was still spanking me from time to time, so life was fine for me. My father wanted to do some work on the house and Joe was helping him. It was major work making the basement more living space and it was going to be a long time before it was finished. Paul did not like working with his hands, but Joe loved it and was good at it. His father would come over sometime to help. The home remodel was going well when my father had a heart attach and passed away to every one’s surprise. Things sort of changed after that. My mother was lost I was lost, and the house was a mess. Joe father came over one night an offered to finish the remodel and My mother was grateful and he took over with Joe. He would come over 2 nights and work with Joe and show Joe what to do till he could come back. It was always more work than Joe could do. Joe was at the house just about every day after school now and the 2 nights his father was there, so I saw Joe a lot and without getting spanked once during this. One day after school Joe came over and we talked about weather or not I still wanted to be spanked. I told him “more than ever”.  He knew that my mother was not going to be back for an hour so He took me over his lap and gave me a hand spanking till I was crying but it was not that it hurt so much but that I just needed a good cry and this was a way to get it done. As he spanked me, I think he knew that I just needed to have a good cry, so he did not talk during to me, he just spanked and let me release. When he stopped, he told me to go and fix my face before my mom got back and he went to work in the basement. That spanking was special to me. It started to get me back to a normal place that I wanted to be. But things would change just after that day.  Paul’s father got a job in another state and had to move right away it was a big job and making a lot more money and they left. We kept in touch, but it was not going to be easy. Every time I was in a missing Paul mood, I would make sure to do something to Joe to get spanked and that would really help me out. When he came over my mother had to run out to a store, so I knew we had time to get me the spanking I needed.  He went right to work and ask me where my mother was, I told him “it was not of his business and just get back to work”. He looked at me and said, “Oh really”. I knew I would get the spanking now and boy was I right. H took me by the arm to the kitchen and over his lap and the spanking started after about 2 minutes my mother walked into the kitchen saying, “What the hell is going on here”?  He stopped and I jumped up, I was so surprised I could not answer her just wanted to run out of the room. Joe said, “I was missing my father and how he would punish me so when she started to tease me I just wanted to give her what she needed”.  My mother looked and me and ask if this was true? I just nodded “yes” not knowing what a right answer should be. My mother took me back over to Joe and pulled me back over his lap saying “ I agree you need this and bad” “Joe go on and spank her hard but do it the way she got it from my husband”. And she pulled down my pants and panties. I wanted to die saying “NO MOMMY NO MOMMY NOT LIKE THIS”. My mother told Joe “spank her hard or you will no longer be welcome here”. For the first me Joe spanked my bare bottom and it was humiliating and embarrassing and painful. But he spanked and spanked and I yelled and yelled but the spanking went on till I was a crying mess and my mother said I had enough and for me to go to my room we will talk later. I ran out of the room. She asks Joe to leave and to come over tomorrow after school and to talk about this. He left. She came to my room for our little talk.

I was in my room crying and feeling so embarrassed and humiliated when my mother came in. She looked at me and ask, “How long has this been going on”? Not wanted to tell her the truth knowing it would be worst for me I just said, “since daddy died”. “Are you 2 having sex?” she wanted to know. “No, no, no mommy”. “Is Joe going to tell me the same thing when I ask him?” “Yes, mommy we never had sex not even kissing”. She went on to say “Since you father died, I knew there was going to be times that you would need to be punished. And I was going to ask your Uncle Fred to do it for me”. Uncle Fred is my mothers’ younger brother and a brick layer and real strong and I sure it would not be something I would want. He lives about 90 minutes away so it would be days I would have to wait till he would have time to come over to punish me. She went on to say, “He is very busy, and I don’t know if he would even agree to do it”. I did not like where I thought this was going. Mom went on to ask me, “How does your bottom feel’? “It hurts bad he really hit me hard and long”. “Well he spanked you as hard as your father ever did and I could see that you did not like it”. I am going to ask Joe to take over for your discipline when I tell him you need to be punished”. “NO MOMMY WHY CAN’ T YOU DO IT? NOT JOE PLEASE NOT JOE NO MOMMY PLEASSE NOT JOE”. She was not going to change her mind. “With Joe giving you your spankings when you earn it should have you on much better behavior”. I was begging her to change her mind and I mean begging and trying to convince her there had to be someone else. I say pleas ask Uncle Fred to do it He is much stronger than Joe and will spank me much hared and make the punishment more meaningful.” She just shook her head no and then said, “I will talk to Joe tomorrow and explain to him how I want this done. And if does not want to do it then he will no longer be come over here anymore and I will get someone else to finish the work your father started”. I knew Joe would say yes to my mother. He is going to love spanking me bare when my mother tells him to. This is going to be so humiliating and embarrassing. I was laying on my stomach  still trying to talk my mother out of this plan of hers but she said, “It would be Joe unless he said no. I buried my face in my pillow and cried my eyes out from my sore bottom to knowing that Joe would now be spanking me for my mother. This was my first spanking that Joe had given me that I did not masturbate.

The next day at school My bottom was still sore but all I could think about was the talk my mother was going to have with Joe. When I got home from school my mother was in the kitchen and she told me to call Joe and tell him to come over she wanted to talk to him. Again, I begged her not to do it with Joe and I mean BEGGED. She just pointed to the phone. I started to cry, and I made the call. Things got even worst when Joe got to the house. I let him in, and I started to go to my room. When my mother said, where do think you are going? Come right back here and sit down”. She wanted to have the talk with Joe in front of ME. I could not believe this was really happening. We all sat around the table and My mother said to Joe,” I ask this same question last night to little miss RED BOTTOM. Are you to having sex?” “No never”. She went on to ask him, “how long have you been spanking her”? I was really worried here but he just said, “Not long, really, just after your husband passed”. ‘And he said never on the bare bottom like you had me do yesterday”.  I was relieved that he answered like I did. My mother then said to him that she now knows that I am going to need to be spanked from time to time and that she wants him to do it for her. I thought he would fall off his chair. I was crying to myself embarrassed to have to sit there and listen to them talking about my spankings. It was a bad day for me. She went on to say, “ I will tell you when I need you to spank her and You will do it here right in front of me and always on her bear bottom like yesterday. You will spank her till I tell you she had enough, and you are not ever to spank her if I did not Okay the spanking. Do you understand”? He looked over at me I just looked down at the table crying and I heard him say “yes”.  This was going to change my life and I did not think it was for the better.

The next day Joe came over to work on the house it was almost finished, and his father was coming to finish the electric and we had to hire a Plummer to get the last of it done. My mother was happy about the house, I was talking with Paul everyday by phone at least once a day and most days more. And I was on my best behavior since my mother’s talk, I really did not want Joe to spanked me with my mother watching. But that was about to change when Joe came over and said he had to talk to me. I thought it was about him spanking me, but it wasn’t. He told me that he some bad news about Paul. He told me that Paul knocked up a girl at his new school and all the parents got together and they are going to get married. I started to cry, because I always thought Paul and I were going to get married have 2 kids a boy and a girl and live happily ever after. I ran to my mother crying and she did the best she could to calm me down and she was real good support she understood just how I felt. Joe left so that we could have the house to ourselves. My mother even let me stay home from school the next day, it was Friday and it would give me 3 days to get hold of myself. Joe and his dad finished the basement.  And my mother wanted to pay them something, but neither would take any money. Monday came along and I was not in the mood for school, but my mother said I had to go. I wanted to just quit school and I told her that and she said no way get dressed she would drive me. I was moving slow when she came in and said to me, “do I have to have Joe come over”? That put a slot of speed and I was ready in record time. Once I got to school everyone knew about Paul and I got a lot of stares as I the day went on. And I snapped at one of the teachers about some homework I did turn in and he sent me to the principal’s office. Who called my mother about cursing out the teacher about not doing my homework. My mother told him she would take care of it and I would apologize to the teacher in front of the class tomorrow. When I got home from school Joe was there sitting in the kitchen with a smile on his face. My mother asks me, “do you think that you would not get spanked for this?” I made my second mistake and said. I don’t care.” My said to Joe, “Do you think you can make her care?” He said he would “TRY REAL HARD”. My mother took me by the arm and right in front of Joe she pulled down my pants and my panties came down with them and she put me over his lap and told him to “spank her as hard as he could she has a lesson to learn.” And he did the sound of that first spank was loud and it hurt and there was going to a lot more to come. My mother just sat down and watched. After about a minutes I was started to cry and my mother said to Joe, “ Good you keep spanking her like that and she will get the message”,  It felt like my bottom was on fire and I was begging for him to stop. He was not stopping. My mother said “I will tell when you had enough. You had this coming for some time, and I am going to make sure you get a good spanking that will last a long time.” I was begging and promising to be good and I will not do anything wrong ever again. But the spanks kept coming. My mother said “Now Joe hold up a minute. Now listen to me young lady. Tomorrow you are going to go into your classroom and apologize to your teacher in front of the class.” “Yes, mommy Yes Mommy” “Joe give her 10 more hard ones” which he did over my protest. Joe stopped after the 10 spanks. My mother said, “are you going to behave like a lady at school and every other place?” “YES, YES, YES,” “Joe 10 more just like the last 10.” He did and I begged and promised again. I had long since kicked off my pants and panties, I was naked from the waist down when my Mother said to “let her up”. He gave me one more spank and let me go. I got up and did a real well spanked dance and could not stop rubbing my bottom I knew it was a show, but I was really hurting, and modesty was out the window. My mother thanked Joe for doing such a good job and said she would let him know if he had to teach me this lesson again. I was crying and saying “NEVER, NEVER again I promise “. My Mother said, “we will see I hope you mean it.” I was just standing there hopping and rubbing my bottom when my mother said, “Girl put your clothes back on aren’t you embarrassed to half naked in front of Joe”. The real answer was at this point being embarrassed was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to stop the hurt. I did put back my pants and panties and Joe left incredibly happy with himself I am sure.

The next day Joe came over just to tease me I am sure. He asks me how I was doing and how my bottom felt today. I wanted to give him a real smart answer but the way my bottom felt I decided to just answer him with “Joe it hurts like hell and it will hurt for days.” He was smiling and wanted to know what my mother thought about the spanking. II told him she seemed to be very happy that you spanked me that hard and she did say that you would be the one she would call on if I need to be spanked in the future. He was still grinning, but he asks me,” How do you feel about that?” I told him “I am not happy about him punishing me for my mother. And that what we did before was enough for me it hurt, and I did have to be half naked for the ones you always gave me. He wanted to know,” How did your father do it?” I blushed and said always bare just like yesterday. That is why my mother pulled down my pants so it would be as I got from my father.” Just then my mother came inf rom the store and said “Joe glad you came over. I wanted to thank you for the great spanking you did yesterday and let you know you now have that job. If you want it.”  I wanted to die all over again. My mother was humiliating me it was so bad. Joe look at her and then at me, I was shaking my head no trying to get him to say he didn’t want that job. Fact chance of that. He just said to her” if it is going to be like that you bet, I want to do it. ” Now the 2 of them were having a conversation about me. HOW I WAS TO BE SPANKED. WHEN I WAS TO BE SPANKED. They were talking like I wasn’t there. I start to walk out of the room because I so embarrassed, but my mother told me to stay. She said, “You come right back here and sit down. You have to hear every word of this, so you know just what is going to happen when you earn a spanking.” She went on to say, “I really hope that when you hear how you are going to be punished you will try even harder to avoid them”. I sat down on a very sore bottom wiggled a lot and just looked down at the table not believing this was happening to me. Then I heard something that made me feel a little better. My mother told Joe,” Now Joe you are only to spank her when I tell you she has earned it. There is no exception to this. Do you understand Joe?” He quickly said, “Yes”. My mother asks me “Do you understand all this girly”?  “Yes” I said. She wanted to know if I had any question. I said, “no I just want to die.” “You brought this on yourself now you will have to deal with it. And remember if you are too embarrassed to be spanked by Joe then behave and he won’t have spank you”. I got up and went to my room. Later that day Joe called and said that he was going to miss me breaking them for him and, him spanking me to get back at me. But that the trade off to spank me bare was worth making the change. I told him how embarrassing it is to be bare like that in front of him with his spanking me in front of my mother. Then he said to me, “Who else would you want it to be?

The next day my mother told me she had a “surprise for me” and that “we would have to leave the house by 8 AM”. I was still real sore from the spanking and was not happy with how my mother was punishing me. So, I just told her “fine”. Well I did not get up on time and she came into my room and told me to “get up we must go soon”. I told her to “go without me and my bottom was too sore to go anywhere today”. She said, “no problem” and left my room. I did fall back to sleep and when I got up, I went down to the kitchen and she was sitting there talking to Joe. My stomach dropped. Stopping a foot into the room my mother said, “come here and sit-down young lady”. I knew that my very sore bottom was about to hurt a lot more. I went to sit saying “I’m sorry mommy I will go and get ready right now”. She said, “it is much too late and that we would have to wait a week before we could go”. She went on saying, “you have to learn that when I tell you, you have to do something you just do it”. And now Joe is here to teach you this lesson”. “Please mommy not so soon after my last spanking my bottom is real sore now”. She looked at Joe and just said, “Please teach her a lesson and don’t think about how red her bottom is when you start”. He moved his chair to the living room and my mother followed him he set the chair in front of the couch and sat down. My mother sat on the couch and called to me, “We are waiting young lady do not make this get any worse”. I started to cry and walked slowly into the living room and over to Joe, saying “Mommy please just give me a day to recover from the last spanking PLEASE?” And then she had me pull down my PJ bottoms. I knew that I was not going to get out of this spanking so crying I pulled them down and quickly got over Joe’s lap. My bottom was still red, but Joe wasted no time in spanking me and from the fist spank I knew I was going to feel this one for a week. I was crying and making promise after promise to my mother and even to Joe, but the spanking went on. And for the first time during a spanking he was giving me for my mother he lectured me a little. I was surprised by this, but I did answer him when he said, “when are you going to learn not to defy your mother”? and he spanked me harder waiting for my answer. “NOW RIGHT NOW I WILL ALWAYS DO WHAT EVER SHE SAYS ALWAYS. “and then my mother said. “OK Joe what do you think? Do you think she means it?” He stopped spanking and said, “Yes I do”. My Mom said OK give her 10 more hard ones and send her to the corner”? Send me to the corner what the hell did that mean? Well I found out after 10 awfully slow and hard spanks. He stopped and Pointed to a corner of the living room and said,

‘You go and put your nose in that corner and don’t turn around or come out till you are told”. I Picked up my bottoms and ran to the corner rubbing all the way crying and crying and crying, trying to step into my bottoms on the way, without success. I put them on when I got there and stood there embarrassed and crying. Joe left and my mother was talking to me while I was rubbing and crying in the corner. She said, “I want you to know that you will be punished whenever you earn it even if it is right after you have been spanked. This will help you behave better and avoid a Joe visit. “Do you understand me”? I cried the best “Yes I understand believe me I understand.” She let me stand in the corner for another 30 minutes. It seemed like days. And told me I could get out and go put myself together. I did not think I could face Joe after this spanking. And I had to ask my mother “why the corner time”? She said that it was, “Joes idea to add to the punishment and give me time to think about being a bad girl”. I said to her please remind me to thank him. She laughed and said I will that is a good idea he will like hearing that from you.” I WAS KIDDING MOMMY” she said, “I wasn’t”. This was not getting any better and now I had to humiliate myself again in front of Joe. Thinking to myself the is embarrassing spanking by Joe is just getting more embarrassing,

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On 9/24/2020 at 11:43 PM, spankedmominrl said:

The Start (my first spanking from a friend)

This was good enough for me to read it all the way through - it is longer than most such stories. Did you really write it?


Also: you kept in character the whole time and had a consistent plot. And, it was kind of hot. That was why I kept on reading.

What I didn't like: The grammar was not so great, but that is also the case for a ton of erotica out there in spankoland. I think it comes from typing one-handed and not revising but after all, no one is getting paid here, are they? I guess ultimately no one is reading it as literature, and readers are generally accepting of whatever grammar and spelling they encounter as long as they can understand the action.

It would be nice if you had broken up the mammoth paragraphs into maybe, four or five paragraphs, for easier reading too. I got lost a few times, had to start over at the beginning of the paragraph.

Also, you broke the spell of the story with the dame being the "other friend's" steady. I mean the other guy never made an appearance in the story, obviously he was not relevant to her at any time.

Did you write this or is it copypasta? It seems like from the 1950s. When guys and gals went steady, as in "Happy Days." I am going to go out on a limb here and say, you did NOT write this, but you found this and liked it. I think it is good enough that it deserves to have the grammar improved and turned into a proper story with, you know, revisions, and drafts, followed by a final draft.

I was left guessing whether the writer is actually male or female. I decided, male straight guy, but could be wrong. I base that on the fact there are no other references to "female engineering and chemistry." For all practical purposes the EE is androgynous. So in such cases, usually andro- wins out, male. But you know, there are always exceptions, maybe I am mistaken, and you will write a fierce rebuttal. Or maybe you have departed in trepidation of replies.


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