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Spankees which child are you


Spankees Where do you fall in the order of children  

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  1. 1. To all the spankees out there I have noticed a lot of spankees are the youngest child so I'm just curious to see everyone places

    • I am the oldest child
    • I am a middle child
    • I am the youngest child
    • I am an only child
    • I am a spanker

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My older brother got the belt, but by the time I was old enough, my Dad had liberalized to where he didn't think the belt was right anymore. However I still got plenty otk spanking. One of the reasons I like Rude Rumps autobiographical comic is that my experience was much like hers insofar at least as spanking is concerned, in the childhood phase that is. I recall bratting, looking up the definition of spanking in various dictionaries, going to the library only to find spanking references and preferably descriptions thereof, self-spanking, comic-collecting spanking scenes, drawing, asking friends about their experiences, bringing the subject up in conversation "innocently".

Big brother did NOT like spanking, giving or receiving, and made it clear at one point he thought it was weird to like it, so after that I kept my opinions and preferences to myself. He is 100% straight vanilla as far as I know.

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5 hours ago, shygurl said:

I'm the middle child. Have a brother 6 years older and one 6 years younger. I was also the child who was never spanked....I was also the good and sweet one!!

Were you really the good and sweet one ore did you get out of it because you were the only girl :) 

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I'm an only child. To be fair there were times growing up when I could be the stereotypical spoiled brat. Generally my parents would use logic to deal with my behaviour. Spankings were threatened sometimes but never carried out. On the other side there were times when I was treate very much like an adult from a young age. For instance having to emotionally adjust to moving around a lot as a kid and losing touch with friends. I remember on the one occasion I was actually spanked ( by a teacher ) I actually welcomed it because it put an end to a falling out I'd have with another kid.

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I was the middle child with an older brother and a younger sister.  My brother and I got lots of spankings, and I cannot remember a single time where my sister got spanked.  She was no angel, but I guess she responded to other types of discipline better than we did.

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After my mom got remarried, I became a middle child with my step-siblings. But they only stated with us every other weekend. My older sister was the only sibling I lived with full time, so most of the time, in the house, I was the youngest.

Spanking was not a form of discipline in our house at all. My parents always used grounding to punish us. None of us were ever punished in any other way. I was generally a good kid, as were my siblings. Not one of us ever got in trouble at school, or did anything really serious. I did probably get in trouble a little more than they did, though...mostly because I just wasn't one to bite my tongue if I disagreed with my parents. If I felt they were being unfair, or that they were getting mad with me without what I felt to be real justification, I just always had to say something. I was stubborn about trying to make them see it my way, I didn't know when to just back down and let it go. But even those situations were few and far between. I was still only grounded on very rare occasions, maybe 3 or 4 times total from ages 5-18. That was the only punishment any of us ever got, it was the same no matter the birth order. But it obviously worked for us, considering none of us ever got in any real trouble.

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Middle, more left to my own devices and given a big disability card I learned to play which didn't do me any good. Grounding never felt like a punishment simply cos I needed to have someone with me to go out so it wasn't as if I missed being able to hop on a bike and play at will, it was just a delay I just took as part of my life not learning anything from it and as I was often promised things that never happened I just got to the point of feeling "So what. They don't care"

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