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Male or Female?


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Over the years I have spanked and been spanked by both males and females. I do prefer females. BOTH can really turn a bare butt RED.

As far as being able to take a harder and longer spanking the females win hands down.  Until recently I have not found a male who could tolerate the wood bath brush.  I have had one male come because he wanted the spankings he missed growing up. I put him over my knees bare and used the wood bath brush to give him 3 of the TOP 5 hardest longest spankings I ever gave in my life. After the first time I thought I would never see him again! He came back twice more and says he will be back again.

Other big strong males I have used that brush on cried like babies.   It has been used on ME and I also cried like a baby but since it was what I NEEDED I stayed OTK ant took my spanking like a bog boy.

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2 hours ago, FatherFigure said:

I have to say I have been very impressed by how stoic females can be. I have seen a number of females take a very hard caning without a sound being made and have found myself wondering could I take that without yelling 

I doubt I could handle a cane

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