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Spank-O-Matic spanking machine

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I spent way too much on a spanking machine.  I need to get rid of it, too mush hassle, plus my bottom hurts!



Anyone know where I can sell such a thing?  Or perhaps someone here wants to one?  Lots of implements, fully working.  Have compressor too, but I assume that's too expensive to ship.

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Setup is straightforward, 5-10 min or so. Its some bolts to put the frame together and some screws to lock the head in place then mounting whatever end effector you want to use. Can take longer then a spanking, I guess less painful then the use of the machine? It works quite well, can hit very hard, but must be held down or weighted to avoid moving if you use at high power.

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In addition to what Jess stated, I was fortunate enough to leave it set up.  It can be turned facing the wall and then it appears to be a narrow table.  If covered with a cloth it appears to be a piece of furniture....sort of.   The spanking was adequate and can last virtually forever.   You have to move yourself to keep it from hitting the same place and obtain an all over spanking.  I adapted a cane to the arm and that worked very well.

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