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Speed Of Love

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You come crashing down

Your life just turns to dust

Thought you’d be further than you actually are

Life got crazier than you ever thought possible


This is what happens when you don’t look before you leap

Eyes forward and you’ll keep your path straight

Can’t get distracted otherwise opportunities will be missed

This is the path you must take


Speed of love is coming around the corner

Be careful or you might just miss it

Stand tall and be true to yourself

Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because they’re not you


This path will take its toll

But you must be patient

Let the punches just roll off

Turn your dodges into a dance


This road will take a little while

Just punch when you need to

You definitely got this on a roll

Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks


The speed of love is a journey

Fan those flames at your pace

This is your show and your rules

Make it how you want it


Let no one stop you from being you

It’s your life to live

Not their place to interfere

Just keep on going and don’t look back


The road will keep going on

But there is an exit you must take

It all depends on which direction you go next

Only you can decide this for yourself


The speed of love is making things your way

Make your own choices and your own mistakes

This is your life your way

Never mind all the haters that may be out there

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