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The best implements for self Spanking

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On 7/9/2021 at 8:30 AM, Cheeks4Weeks said:

Does anybody use non-impact tools? Like a spiked circulation mat or capcaisin cream?

Do you find anything like that effective, or does it have to be impact? I kind of like the cream, because I can't undo it. If I'm hairbrushing myself, I can stop when it hurts too much, unlike with a real spanker. Sigh.


Sitting on 60 grit sandpaper or drywall sanding mesh is good also a milk crate turned upside down is really effective

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On 9/12/2020 at 2:00 PM, Davyd said:

While self spanking with various implements can help with issues the ee is facing, I personally lean towards encouraging self spankee's to find someone who can direct their self spankings. Its very hard to be fair to oneself and a neutral party can I believe feel in that gap and make the spanking more effective. 

Let me know what you think

That's what I do im a virtual disciplinarian

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I use a wide leather belt for self spanking it leaves quite a sting, I also have virtual direction from an ER on position, how many, bare or not, and what it’s for which also helps. He makes sure I tan my fanny once a week with a belt. 

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I have to admit that during COVID, I needed to take my discipline into my own hands.  I really sucked at it until I found the bath brush.  I still couldn't take as much as I usually take when someone else is disciplining me.  I found a small spanking machine online and after I received, assembled and used it, I really liked the after effects.  I tried several implements however I found the cane most productive.

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