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What is the most submissive position and why?

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I like be bent over a bench naked spanking bench over the spankers knee. Bent over touching my ankles and laying flat on a bed. All these positions I like to be fully nude and spanked with a paddle

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I find being OTK and having my legs waving in the air makes me feel submissive. I'm a fairly tall bloke but I have had spankings from women who've been strong and wiry enough to pull me sufficiently far across their laps for that to happen.

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I believe OTK is the most submissive. Lying across the spanker's lap is giving yourself or surrendering yourself in a non sexually intimate way to the spanker and the spanking to be received. It makes the spankee feel powerfully vulnerable. 

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OTK with leglock.

I'm not into passive restraint (being tied up in some way), but active restraint (being physically held in position by your spanker) is awesome! I'm a squirmer, so it makes me feel especially submissive to be over her knee, held in a way in which I can't squirm so much, getting a spanking over which I have only emergency control. I still have a safeword and I'm strong enough to break position if necessary, but so far it's never gotten scary.

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I think it depends.  Diaper position is a real test in obedience.  It is very hard to keep holding your ankles when all your most tender spots are getting lit on fire.  That doesn’t make me feel submissive, but it definitely tests my submission.  On the other hand, some positions deliver submissive head space for me. OTK is classic.  I also like it if my spanker sits on my back while I’m prone.  Anytime I’m held in position by my ER I feel submissive.  One other way is if I’m scruffed or in some sort of predicament.  If I don’t dare move, even while being spanked, I will feel very submissive.

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On 9/4/2020 at 10:21 PM, F/m_Spanking_only said:

To me, it's OTK. It's like...once I've lowered my pants and bent over my spanker's knee, then that's it. She has me. Her left arm hooks around me to hold me firmly in place. It's a surrender unlike anything else 

I completely agree. Diaper position is probably even more submissive, but I dislike DP and would never use it. OTK is completely submissive and effective, and the embarrassment and feeling of surrender it creates make it simply perfect for spanking. The diaper position smacks too much of BDSM-- of torture rather than discipline, with the spankee's muscles and skin stretched taut at a full 90-degree angle. Moreover, it places a male's genitalia in the danger zone of being struck, which I don't approve of. To each his own, but for me, it's OTK sitting in a straight-backed chair, or OTK sitting on a bed.

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I've had a diaper position spanking once - it was ok but I wouldn't want to experience anymore than a mild hand spanking in that position. The thing I did find effective was having to look at my Spanker in the eye. In terms of OTK I guess that could be achieved by having a suitably angled mirror.

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