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Spanked to orgasm.

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Interesting topic,

As from the spanker side of the partnership, I have found it all comes down to advanced conversation.  Communication is the key ingredient of the relationship and the event.

I have had the pleasure of spanking and coaching wonderfully wild squirming climatic moments from those whom want that release excitement.

I have assisted dear friends who absolutely do not want a sexual release. No their desires are for tears, stinging bottom & thighs, scolding, embarrassment, reflection & recovery time all focused to attaining the mental relief that they require.


So yes communication is the key

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I had a girlfriend that climaxes through constant slaps during sex.  The harder the better. 

I’ve only self spanked myself and I rotate between the sting and pleasure.  I’d need a partner with one hand in the front and one hand on the paddle for me to do it.  

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This has never happened to me, nor do I think it would be possible.  While I do get aroused during the lead up to the spanking, as soon as the pain starts sinking in, my excitement goes away very quickly and complete agony starts to kick in.  I suspect this is because I'm not a masochist and don't particularly enjoy pain in and of itself.  I do, however, become aroused after the spanking is finished, but usually it takes awhile for that to happen, certainly not until the agonizing pain starts to subside. 

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