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I want my mother to spank me I’m 18

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I’m 18 never been spanked by my mother but I feel as if I’d do much better being spanked on my bare bottom wen I make mistakes and do bad I feel as thou this would help me change my attitude and respect my parents more but I’m deathly afraid of what she might say and of my father 

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My advice is do not do this.

Ask yourself one question: Do i really know the reason/s why i have attitude/respect problem/s towards my parents?

If you do not know the answer then look in to yourself for the answer to figure that out without creating any problems for others and yourself.

But if you do know the answer to this question then understand that true change comes from replacing damaged thoughts and feelings that comes with them with new truly healthy thoughts and feelings that comes with them and giving power to only the healthy ones. You do not require a spanking to change your thoughts you can work this out without it. Build strength by building healthy mindset. It is a strength to be able to change yourself without painful provocation to do so.



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I would also advice not to do it. You could build trust and a relationship (that is non sexual) with someone to hold you accountable that is -not- your parents; but will help your attitude, and respect your parents without involving them into something they might not be comfortable doing.

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My gut tells me don’t do it. But I don’t know you, your mother and father, your relationship with them, and on and on.

Here goes because you asked.

Please take the time to really think this through. Once you say this out loud you can’t take it back, some people that don’t understand spanking consider it a form of self harm. As a parent I react much different to problems my children have than I do a friend or neighbor. After all they are my children, my life, I love them with all I have in me.

Spend the time to think it through and consider the consequences.

Take Care

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