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Do female spankers exist?

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I hope you add the ER. In many cases, adding witness is highly desirable. I think most male EE would prefer female witness but it’s more having the female ER totally feel safe.  And comfortable so she can really get into the female ER role. I know I have never had any romantic feelings toward a female ER after a real spanking. I think a lot of us male EE are hoping you may the jump. 


I know a lefty and righty both with red hair and names start with G that work LA. If either, going back second time without safe word not advised but just as likely they will take a pass. 


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On 8/18/2020 at 8:05 PM, HannahKae said:

Even professionals should have one. If they dont then I do not recommend going to them, it's so dangerous. To refuse to allow a safe word in and of itself is unprofessional... if you were trying to advise or warn then I'd recommend something more along the lines of make sure you discuss safe words before meeting. If they refuse it then they shouldn't be spanking you..

agree with this 100 percent, wise words :)

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Of course they exist, but Id be interested in learning if any guys here have met and been spanked by a female ER.  I think it is rare to find online.

Since you are a college student i would think you can easily network/meet women of your age after Covid.

Since you cant afford a pro, I suggest you first establish rapport, at least a very good friendship with a female friend. A strong foundation and chemistry is everything.  Once you have a nice friendship try hinting, "man if i turn in one more assignment late, i should get a spanking"  something like that, but dont push it.  Then listen and observe.  You just might be friends with a Spanker or someone interested in it, which is best case scenario in my opinion.

Good luck...


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Yes female spankers  sure do exist. My wife has been spanking me daily for well over 30 years. I get the belt and the strap regularly and love it !  I receive a minimum of two a day, sometimes three. 

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On 8/17/2020 at 4:55 AM, spankedboy93 said:

I’m actually curious do they exist? I always wanted to explore my submissive spankee side yet I can’t seem to come across any women who like to spank, they just liked being spanked. 


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No one is laughing at you on SN and asking the question now means you will not be the guy that suppressed this need for 40 years. Get a custom T shirt with a spanking friendly message and wear it around. Yeah, some people might snicker but people used to wear Vote for Pedro shirts. All you need is one like minded Female. 

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On 8/17/2020 at 3:55 AM, spankedboy93 said:

I’m actually curious do they exist? I always wanted to explore my submissive spankee side yet I can’t seem to come across any women who like to spank, they just liked being spanked. 

Oh yeah!  I LOVE to spank guys. I'm technically a switch, as I enjoy both roles immensely. The only man I've ever submitted to was my former-husband, with whom I had a switch partnership. But I do thoroughly enjoy getting a man over my lap and practicing my table tennis skills on his glorious tush. :nodding: 

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My butt is telling me they definitely exist!!  But yeah female spankers do seem to be less common, and female spankers who are gay or want to spank or women seem ever harder to come by! I've been variously lurking either online or around the scene for about 10 years and come across and met a few but not loads. Luckily (or unluckily...) I have recently formed a rl connection with a woman who likes to spank me. 

I would say the best way to meet people is to go to events. In person. I know it's tough during covid but virtual / zoom munches kinda count as 'in person' almost at the moment. 

Honestly, most women are not going to be interested in someone they meet through an unsolicited message or forum. Maybe some will... But... Yeah. 

I have had most luck meeting people through BDSM munches. Yes, spankos go to these too. Spanko spankos. Especially when they're spankos who don't fit as 'easily' into the spanko community where M/F dynamics are over represented. 

It's also often at these events where you can find out about spanking parties, where you'll meet more spankos... 

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I wrote this below on a different topic. Spanking is a very satisfying and therapeutic lifestyle event that we enjoy. We are looking for some direction  Where to go from here? It’s our first place we have ever engaged with looking for a place to find help professionally or someone who is interested in what we have payed out below and payment is ok also? Please read and comment? 

Hi I am new to this but I am not new to being spanked. My wife has spanked me a few times. Let’s just say she is really good at it. Between her and my therapist they both agreed that I need to be spanked on a regular basis. There are a lot of things that we all agreed on that I need to be spanked for. My wife has physical challenges and said she feels she takes it too easy on me and does not feel like she can give me what is needed. Soooo her and my therapist suggested that we find someone who knows what they are doing or a professional spanker who can do the job. They both agree that it should be a woman who understands what my wife has been dealing with when it comes to the list I should be spanked for. My wife bought a massage table and some wedges and some handcuff restraints for my legs and hands and a blindfold. She has had me on the table and delivered as I know some much needed discipline therapy. What she would prefer to do is to have me laying down strapped securely to the table bent over the wedges blindfolded. On a nearby table she would leave all of the various spanking implements that she has purchased over the last few months and she would like to leave a list of things I am to be spanked for. She would like to set aside some time for someone to come to the house and spank me. She said she would like to leave after she has set me up on the table secured blindfolded T-shirt and underwear. Once she is gone the spanker can show up at the designated time and provide what I need based on the list of items she has written down that she will leave on the table. The spanker can choose to talk about each item and deliver based on her experience what she feels the spankee would need on how many spankings for that item and what implement of her choosing she desires to use. Spankings can be delivered bare bottom from beginning to end if desired. She can choose to spank for as long as she feels necessary as hard or soft or slow and fast it will be left up to the spanker. When her time is up. She will leave me there and go about her day. My wife will come home and perform after care and we will talk about the list. 
we hope we have not left anything out? Ideas? Suggestions? Questions? 

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On 8/20/2020 at 2:35 PM, overherknee said:

Oh yes they exist and probably in more cases than you will ever know as far as domestic discipline goes.

Several have commented that female spankers are a rare breed, and I suspect women who aren't professional disciplinarians but will engage in casual spanking are very rare... but as overherknee suggests, women in a serious relationship who will discipline a partner who needs or deserves it may actually be pretty common! 

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