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Replacing Humans through Artificial Intelligence

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The inspiration for this message derived from the UK series "Humans" (2015) S01-03 which is based upon Sweden's "Real Humans" (2012) S01-02. The premise of these shows is an alternative present in which artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced far more than today, and robots have entered every part of the working class, from house servants to factory workers and customer service representatives. The bots look just like us, though physically perfect, but are not sentient, and are severely exploited similar to slaves of the past. The only thing holding back the cruelty of humans are considerations of the cost involved to pay for the rental units.

The reason I bring this up in a spanko forum, besides these being awesome shows, is that the bots also function as sexual partners, whores, lovers and companions, fulfilling an enormous need, mostly unmet in the population. People find they prefer the bots perhaps due to their subservient nature. A glance at the personals forum here shows there is great need, it is not being met by human partners in many cases, so when a bright fellow comes along and rigs up a robot that can do all the things humans want them to do, watch out.

Already we see the signs of humans being replaced by robots or computers in everyday life, jobs are being eliminated, workers made redundant. Already we see that, particularly in Japan, a surprisingly number of young adults prefer being single and do remain single, the question is how are they meeting their needs? Most likely porn and sex toys, which are certainly primitive versions of what AI can become. What is a pornographic image, but a symbol evoking a fantasy in the mind with an ideal partner? A robot can of course make that fantasy occur in realtime, no imagination required.

Another little wrinkle in the show, which is so reminiscent of America's "Westworld", both the old and new versions (I've seen both) is that some of the bots have additional code inserted by a rogue programmer that permits them to become sentient, and they find their treatment by H. sapiens to be rather lacking in sensitivity to say the least. Robot rights! Ha ha ha.

I find all of this prescient and do believe that humans will replace ourselves with robots and eventually transfer our consciousness into machines altogether for the advantages of strength, intelligence, and immortality. Although I am a member, I have to admit that we are rather primitive and an "early model" much as we view Homo Erectus. We are feeble, short-lived, short-tempered and subject to all kinds of sicknesses and intoxication and self-destruction, so there is room for improvement.

Anyway these shows should be of interest to spankos because the bots will provide the perfect partners. Until such models become available, we will just have to make do with the occasional human substitute or that primitive version of A.I. known as porn.


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On 8/29/2020 at 1:09 PM, TanYourBottom said:

AI? No thanks.

The potential consequences of this technology does not sit well with me.

Oddly, I didn't see the replies here until I checked the thread. I guess the forum only notifies on actual quoting of one's msg. I had better check my other threads. LOL.

Just wanted to respond, Me neither. I hate that AI is coming, it bodes ill for our jobs, but the world's militaries are racing to deploy it, lest their adversaries get the advantage. Likewise private corporations.

Probably not much point in starting families anymore, what sort of job could Junior do? The number of available jobs will continue to decline.

Musk and Hawking are certainly in a better position to know about the state of the art in AI than we are. If they're worried, so am I. My worry is tempered, however, by the knowledge that I will be gone from this world in, well not soon hopefully, but not that many years, and also that... well, I believe in God, and I think God has a plan. Even if Earth is lost to life, if AI runs amok for instance, like in the Terminator movies, there are other planets, and also, we had a good run and are not really necessary and are disposable. I don't think it matters if our species survives or not really, just like it doesn't matter when people die, matter to God that is.

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I would have no problem with becoming a cyborg. The tools were currently have to aid in certain health issues are inefficient. As I am going from nearsighted to farsighted now that I'm in my 40s, I hope we get decent bionic eyes soon so I can just replace the things instead of relying on increasing contacts/glasses prescriptions. I agree it is also important that AIs know right from wrong. While I have seen some people who reject it, humans must merge with machines to stay relevant. And coworkers have mentioned that that AIs might be nice if they remember "hey, that human used my app, he's cool".

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AGi (Artificial General Intelligence) is the field my son works in, he is presently creating mathematical algorithms which replicate human emotional responses.

In essence;  Ai (Artificial Intelligence), no matter how complex the act is which it appears to be completing, the unit is simply responding to previously installed programming.

AGi however is a new reality, a robotic mind which will learn in the same exponential fashion as we do.

In 50 years time 80% of all work presently completed by humans will be completed by Ai and AGi ... There is no going back from this pathway. The questions this creates for our species are many and they are über complex ... However whether people like or dislike the idea of AGi & Ai, it will not stop the arrival of both system styles appearing in planet changing numbers over the next 5 decades.


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Over the course of the next thousand or tens of thousands of years, I don't expect we have a clue what will transpire.  We may be replaced by artificial intelligence, we may become artificial intelligence, but I don't expect that we have much chance of predicting those outcomes given our meager knowledge at present.  If you doubt that, just examine what people in the middle ages envisioned the future would be like and how that compares to what actually happened. 

However, if you scale it back to time-frames that are more predictable, I think there are some things that will happen in the relatively near future.  The one that I find most interesting is the prospect of virtual reality becoming so effective and life-like that it rivals the actual experience.  I don't think it is to much of an extrapolation to imagine a future spanking-needs-forum where we each can indulge in virtual spankings of each other, as real as if we were physically present.  And, on top of that, in any time or place we desire or can imagine.  I only hope I live to see it.    

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