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Precautions for in Person Spankings During COVID

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I was recently asked the very reasonable question of what precautions I use because of the pandemic. When I know I’m going to be around others, I wear a mask. During my last spanking I did not wear a mask while being spanked.


What other precautions do you recommend for in person spankings?

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I've read about some spankers starting to meet with their spankees and most are wearing masks and requiring their spankees to wear masks, too.  I've also read that some aren't giving OTK spankings.  

I met with an "uncle" last month for a spanking. We didn't wear masks. My spanking was OTK the entire time.  He had been to a theme park with his daughter that day and the day before, but they've been safe wearing masks around crowds....and so have I and my family.  It sure is better to be safe than sorry. I for sure would hate to be the cause of someone getting ill.   Hope everyone is playing safe out there! 

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On 8/13/2020 at 11:45 PM, Child of Light said:

I don't think it's safe to be active in the lifestyle during COVID. There is normal safe way to do it. Unless you and your spanker/ spankee live together. It's not worth risking yourself, or other people, needlessly. 

For the same reason I opted to forego my massage lifestyle, particularly after I noticed the spa was not offering any kind of discount. If both parties are wearing a mask, that is a good idea and I am all for it, but let's be honest, it is a major buzzkill. I can deal with a mask shopping for groceries but if I am paying $70 -$120 for a full body massage then that is another matter.

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