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How do you tell if a spanking is successful?

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I'd like to throw this open to both spankers and spankees, and primarily for disciplinary spankings.  Is it subsequent conduct?  True remorse?  The amount of sting?  The scolding before or after?  There are all sorts of factors, and any help --from both sides-- would really be educational.

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I think it depends on the precise aim of the interaction.... in discipline spankings it's usually either a straight punishment or a disincentive to reoffend.

I remember reading somewhere the 3Ps of genuine corporal punishment. It made sense to me but the balance between the three may differ according to the proposed outcome.


Something went wrong....you are paying the price


If it happens again, you're liable to get more


OK, with this sore bottom, it's over. Forgive yourself and be at peace.


For me, all elements are there in various ways and differing ratios.

A successful correction for me:

Deals with my behaviour

Improves my behaviour

Releases me from guilt.

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I remember reading at some time paraphrasing here but you have to know you are going to be punished, get punished and know that you we’re punished.  For us an immediate attitude change.

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