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On 10/17/2020 at 9:25 PM, Bramblewine said:

Forgot to mention, only spankos with reasonably private internet access are likely to look at a spanking art page. A hardcopy book would reach a much wider audience.

Of course, a hard copy book on this subject would get banned in lots of places, too. Which might only help make it more popular....

Good points. However, she probably reckons it is more trouble than its worth. My hunch is same.

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18 hours ago, rude_rumps said:

Thank you everybody for your kind words!!

And now...the finale for chapter 3!! I'm a bit....spent...after this one :rolleyes: So I'm going to take another little break...then it's on to chapter 4...my teenaged years :unsure:



I just read the latest installment. Wow! You said it all so beautifully and in medieval manuscript form, no less! You are getting mystical again, this is good. Your remarks align with the views of modern magicians.

The lack of inhibition, the boldness and candor is really stunning, combined with the well-executed art. I would not even know where to begin to put something like that together. Well, I'd probably review your messages where you say, but that's beside the point.

Those of us that grew up feeling the same kind of things and doing the same kind of things, well to us, you are the golden goose. I come to the forum mainly to check if the golden goose has laid more golden eggs. Your work is definitely the most exciting thing going on in spanko land. When you post a link I just drop everything and go there, then save the highest resolution version to USB. I may not have time to read it then but I save it for later.

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18 hours ago, rude_rumps said:

Well I'm back to working on my graphic novel :) Here's the first 2 pages of chapter 4... no spanking yet...but a sad memory...of big changes...kind of the start of adolescence for me I think...


I don't believe in Obligatory Spanking every few pages. One of my stories on another site got dinged for not having enough spanking, but sometimes those stories are the best. The main thing is just having the spanko 'tude or world-view (whatever that is, is there one? I don't know...)

Actually I read the two pages before commenting and really liked it. You can just go on without O.S. (Obligatory Spanking), and I would still read, willing to bet a good 90% of current readers would, too. There has to be a large quiet fanbase that is too skeered to comment in this thread, they send you PMs instead or just quietly appreciate. Surely, Droo and me are the tip o' the iceberg.

I had a very dear friend also that I lost around, what age was that, hm, 13, what a coincidence. But so much changes around that age, maybe it is not a big coincidence after all?


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Wow...I realized I started my graphic novel over a year ago...I thought I was going to finish it in a few months...the whole thing through adulthood!! I didn't realize it'd be so much work...but I'm enjoying doing it :smile:

Anyway...page 70...and my first boyfriend!!


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Ok...page 72... Now this page may be a little hard for some of the younger members to understand... so let me explain... :) Believe it or not...there were no cell phones when I was growing up!! I know...it's hard to believe... My family had one phone...in the living room... and...gasp...phones had cords!! I used to LOVE to talk on the phone...but after awhile I'd literally get tangled up in the cord (I paced around when I talked)...and my ear would hurt from pressing the phone against it...no speaker phones either!! And...get this...if you wanted to do a meet up...there was no texting or PM'ing...you had to call...from this weird thing called a 'payphone'... You'd go into this booth and put a thing called a coin into a slot...and you got like 3 minutes to talk... really...I'm not making this stuff up! :D


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Yes I am definitely old enough to remember the days of corded phones and pay phones. We only had one phone in the sitting room and to try and get some form of privacy with the limited cord length I’d fetch a pillow from my bedroom and put the phone to my ear, the pillow covering my ear and mouth piece to muffle my conversations. Ah the good old days....

ps not sure I like Will....

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On 12/30/2020 at 6:36 PM, rude_rumps said:

3 new pages...about my first boyfriend and...well...you'll see :rolleyes:


Just read the latest updates 72-77 and had some thoughts. My dad took lithium as well, it was the go-to tool in the toolbox for manic depression back in the day. Now they have other medications to choose from as well. My understanding is it eliminates the manic side. I do not know what it does for depression, as my Dad still got depressed and would stay in the bedroom all day long, sometimes for days at a time and cover floor by the door and the windows to let no light in. He had a light sensitivity that led to frequent migraine headaches. Mom told me many a time she'd leave Dad if it weren't for me. Dad got off his meds once in a while. He hated the lithium as it has many unpleasant side effects. Wish there was better medicine for that sort of thing.

Kids, well folks in general are extremely classist. The editor is underlining that word as though it is a misspelling. Is it a word? It would seem so.

What else? Oh yeah- that is the typical lowest denominator reaction vanilla folk have. "What are you, like, 8?!" LOL, so true. I got that at least once. A good response, "Maybe just for this moment?"

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I only recently discovered your work and in many ways my own experiences are similar to what you describe.  I remember a time when there were only corded phones and no internet and the terrifying thought that I had to be alone.  It wasn't until the internet came along that I discovered otherwise.  The exhilaration and freedom were incredible.

Your work is really first rate and I look forward to each new panel.


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