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Working with challenging colleagues

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I'm putting this here because this sometimes impacts on my mental and emotional health.

I work with three people - one of whom is my line manager who all at times can be challenging to work with. Often I get conflicting messages from all three and when I go to act on what's been said I sometimes get my head bitten off. This isn't a new thing and I do try my best to stay calm at all times - not always easy as I'm prone to anxiety but I cope better now. I'm not in a position financially at the moment to leave work and I want to support my colleagues as we re-open the business after lockdown. I accept that I can't change how these 3 people are at times as in deed they can't change me. I'd really appreciate any ideas/thoughts people may have on working with challenging colleagues ( at any level ). This isn't at an HR/Union level but just ways of not letting these situations overwhelm me. I'm thinking proactively these days as well. Thanks in advance for all positive ideas.

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Are the other 2 in management roles or just above you?

Either way, the best advice I can give as I was in a similar situation once, is to listen to whoever is highest on the food chain. If you get reprimanded for following someones direction you can "pass the buck" so to speak and point them to the person in charge.

Alternatively, if you feel like they are reasonable people you could try and sit them all down and let them know this is happening. It may not fix anything but sometimes it's just good to talk things out. I'm sure the UK has laws in protect workers from unjust firings if they were try to do that.


Best of luck and let us know if things work out!

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