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Lend an Ear

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MODS - If this is not allowed I sincerely apologize and please delete at your discretion. 


Being a spanko can be lonely sometimes. Especially now with COVID surging back for round 2 in the States. We have all been affected by this in one form or another.

With that in mind, I would like this post to be a place where, if needed, anyone can come and talk to others about anything without judgement.


Had a good or bad day and just need someone to listen? Post it below! 

Is it your birthday and your co-workers or family forgot? Post it below!

Did you get a raise at work and have no one to tell? Post it below!


Anything that you may need to get off your chest is fair game so long as it follow the site rules. 


***IMPORTANT*** This post is not intended for those in crisis. If you need professional help, please find resources available on the below link.



May we all stay safe, sane, and healthy during these troubling times. 

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