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I have questions to does of you who used cane for spanking and/or self spanking.

How do you use cane the correct way during self spanking?

Do you know any videos that are a good tutorial about self spanking and usage cane?

Or maybe a blog with good tutorial with pictures?


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I do have a rattan cane I use for the occasional self-caning. The cane is definitely one of the more difficult to use. You are a good bit more limited with it by nature. Because it is used horizontally across the cheeks, and the nature of how one's arm has to be bent for self-spanking, it's hard to get a sufficient and accurate swing. You can't really bring your arm back as far and use the level of force you can with paddles or brushes or even straps (which though used horizontally, can wrap around to hit the cheeks unlike canes). The cane can still be effective, but in my experience, having a good wrist flick is key to an effective self-caning. With limited arm swing, being able to use good wrist action will be what makes the cane swish down more harshly, effectively, and accurately. 

As far as how to do it correctly position-wise, it will just be trial and error, like any other self-spanking. What position allows you to cane (or generally spank) yourself the most effectively is very dependent on what position allows for the most comfortable use of your arm and what allows that implement in particular to land correctly. But those specifics will differ by the individual, since body type and proportions, as well as flexibility, have a big impact on that. I looked on spankingtube for a few different examples of ways to cane oneself and found a couple that seemed like good places to start. The second one is very similar to how I do it, and a good example of the wrist action I mentioned. Hope this all helps.


https://www.spankingtube.com/video/72248/self-caning-and-switching (**warning** - His junk is in the thumbnail, and he lowers his pants and underwear facing camera. Quickly skip to about 15 seconds in if you want to avoid having to see his junk. I obviously was not so lucky, haha.)


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