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Does anyone else watch Last Man Standing? Am I the only one who thinks there should be spanking in the Baxter household? There have been several episodes where a spanking would have been a natural conclusion. I would have called it Last Man Spanking! 

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I watch that show. There's actually an episode that's about spanking. Couldn't remember which season, but just looked it up - season 3, episode 10...the episode is literally titled "Spanking". 

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The Episode Description from Wikipedia:

Conflict flairs when Bud says that, while babysitting, he spanked Boyd once after he refused to take his used plate to the kitchen. A day later, Kristin spanks Boyd and blames it on Vanessa for having spanked her a few times during childhood. But later Mike convinces Kristin that Ryan's method of bribing Boyd with ice cream is not the way to go. Meanwhile, Mandy buys Kyle a hat that he does not really want to wear, and Ed and Mike convince him that the hat is Mandy's way of "marking her property", so he responds in kind.

Seeing that the Vanessa character played by Nancy Travis starts out as a geologist, then becomes a school teacher, and then becomes a "tutor", it would not be completely out of the question that Vanessa is a Domme and gives spankings to most of the characters.   She would definitely get my attention for some "after-school training" in correctional studies with my pants down and her holding a paddle.

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