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In my experiences growing up, I was frequently spanked for having stained underwear either front or back.  The scolding that went with these sessions were always worded to sound as if I had deliberately gone to the bathroom in my pants.  That has eventually led me to join this group.  Am I alone?  Probably not and I would like to hear from others with similar experiences.

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I had a different experience that ultimately led me to the same place. I was a bedwetter growing up and my parents coddled me about it and left me to deal with it with pullups and wet sheets. As that went on I grew to enjoy the diapers, but still wanted the bedwetting to stop. I wondered if my parents had provided the proper "incentive" via  a red bottom or other punishments, making the fun of the diapers much less fun, if I would have stopped  much sooner. 

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I got spanked for accidents and bedwetting, and I think even my first wet dream. A lot of spankings I remember had to do with peeing, mostly bedwetting and threats phrased as questions of being put back in diapers. The only pee related spanking I understand was when I'd been warned about peeing in the sink, though in my child mind, I thought "what's the difference, it's the same drain". I also once got spanked for peeing in the bathtub.

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When I was 7 I went through a period of wetting myself at school. At one point my Mum threatened to put me into nappies/diapers if I didn't stop. Although that never happened ( I stopped the next day) her tone of voice made me understand that it would have been a punishment as well and I do wonder if she was considering spanking me as well.

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I was never spanked for wetting my pants but when I was six I had my one and only proper spanking as a child from a teacher for leaving the room without permission. The thing is I had actually asked if I could go the restroom ( as was the rule ) - I was in a line of kids waiting to have our work marked and was close to wetting myself. It was noisy but I was certain she’d said yes. When I got back a girl in my class who I’d had a falling out with told on me. I was promptly ordered to the teachers side and over her lap. I can’t remember the sting of the spanking but I do remember considering trying to explain what had happened to the teacher. She had a reputation for being particularly strict if she thought you were lying. It was too complex as a six year old to explain so I just submitted. I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if I’d just wet myself instead. Anyway it was a long time ago.






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