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What led you to be a Spanko as an Adult?

What led you to become a Spanko as an adult?  

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  1. 1. What led you to become a Spanko as an adult?

    • Being spanked as a child by a parent or relative?
    • Being spanked by a neighbor or friend?
    • Being spanked by a teacher or counselor at school?
    • Being spanked by a boyfriend or girlfriend or lover?
    • Seeing an advertisement such as the Chase & Sanborn Coffee Advertisement?
    • Watching a movie or television show that showed an adult spanking scene?
    • Other?

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For me it was the Chase & Sanborn Coffee Ad.  Had a fetish for slips before seeing this ad in the August 11, 1952 edition of Life Magazine.  With the ad showing the exposed woman's slip I began to associate adult spanking with the showing of slips and been aroused ever since.  In my private time and places will wear a white lace-trimmed nylon tricot full slip and think I am that woman and place myself on a couple of pillows thinking this my husband's lap and he is spanking me like the woman in the add.  

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For me it was a spanking from my Aunt at age 16.  Can't recall what I did or said, but within seconds she had my clothing at my ankles and I was over lap.  She proceeded to deliver a bare hand, bare ass spanking I remember to this day.  Much late in life when I was looking for an outlet from a failing vanilla marriage, I feel this spanking was the spring board to my discovering the adult spanking world.

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I voted "Other", as like a couple of others who have commented, I'm just a lifelong hard-wired spanko. It's an innate part of me, and always has been. I was never spanked, but this "interest" has been there from my earliest memories...so what introduced to the existence of spanking, I have no idea. But whatever it was awakened a part of me that I believe was already there, just dormant until that time.

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A footnote to my earlier entry.  I was spanked as a child with my mother using a stick while my father had very strong hands.  I learned early on where the line was because I had an older brother who never knew where the line was drawn and definitely received more spankings than I did.  In fact if I remember correctly I was 7 when my father last spanked.  The idea of adult spanking came as a result of the Chase & Sanborn Coffee advertisement and of course the lady's slip showing.   I have had the slip fetish since I was 6 and the spanking with the slip showing came at the age of 7.  Whenever I see a slip showing through a slit in the woman's dress or her slip hanging down below the hem of her skirt or dress I think of the spanking and how exciting it would be to be spanked otk by another man on the white laced-trimmed full slip I was wearing.  Just the thought of it now arouses me.  This where I am on this topic.  

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 I got Spanking from teacher when I was in 3 grade for swearing and talk back to teacher. she spank me with her hand but did not pull down my pants. she should have spank me on my bare bottom hard. I remember very well that day.

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In my early 20s I had a vocational mentor who worked in an independent school. He'd been my mentor for several months when I made a remark about how simple teenage years had been: offence-sore bottom-closure and forgiveness.

He pointed out that the cane worked as well for young adults as it did for teens.

Some weeks later I confessed something fairly profound; he caned me.

It hurt!

But it brought closure.

Ever since......


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I didn't need anything to trigger it. I've been hard-wired for as long as I can remember. No, I was not spanked growing up but I sure enjoyed hearing about others getting it. 😈

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I was always wired this way but kept it secret. Years later, when newly married, my husband playfully threatened to spank me one night when I was goofing around. I was instantly aroused, but too embarrassed to let on, so I silently agonized about it... for weeks. We lived in upstate New York, where he was from. A short time later I returned to Montana to visit my parents. It was while talking on the phone one night, from 2300 miles away, that I confessed this to him. He took it well and promised that it would happen when I returned, and it did. Neither of us knew proper technique or the psychology behind it, so we embarked on a long road of learning together. But there was no turning back for me at that point.

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A combination of being spanked by my teacher in front of the class when I was 6 and just the general atmosphere in the UK in the late 70s and early 80s. Possibly I was hardwired this way too but that public spanking in particular left a deep impression on me.

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As others have said, I'm just wired this way. I didn't get it growing up. I wasn't even around it. I had heard about it, but not of any examples at the time. I had just heard stories from back when my parents' (and friends' parents) were growing up. In my childhood, it seemed more like a paper tiger.

It was implied it could happen, but I don't think it actually happened. I believe that by then, (at least in my immediate sphere) parents were beginning to move away from it as a form of discipline. Which was fine by me, because getting it from mom/dad isn't even in the same universe as engaging in it as a consenting adult. 

I had always been wired to want it from someone that wasn't related. On some subconscious level, I have always wanted it from female friends. And when I discovered consensual adult spanking....that was it! The rest, as they say, is history!

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I have been obsessed with spanking since I was  around six.. I played spanking games with childhood  playmates.  I got another child to take his pants down and spanked him on the bare bottom. And it went from there  until today.

My answer is always, "who knows?"  I have written volumes on this over the years. But now that I think about it, I got to honestly answer that it's some sort of inherent drive and I do not understand it. Although I like talking about it!

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I voted "other". In my childhood i never get spanked by parents or relatives or strangers for purpose of punishment or discipline.

There was delicate smacking on my butt by female teacher and it happened one time but it was in fun.

One time when i was a kid i played a spanking game with other kids in my place were i lived with parents a game that was explained by my father but executed just by kids if they wanted to play.

I don't remember what was the occasion for the kids being in my place. This game was played just this one time.

when i was a little older i became someone that build strong thoughts about leather belts and using them for spanking.

I don't understand how i manoeuvred my self in to this but i just have get in to that.

I run one fantasy after another but i never followed through to at least spanking my self.

When i was a young adult i started to experiment with self spanking.

I've done it some amount of times and i stop doing them.

Many years later i decided to come back to self spanking and try expand to next level of getting spanking from someone else and spanking someone else.

When i was young adult i had to much of a rigid mindset for me to go to that level of spanking someone else or get spanked by someone else.

Couple years ago i started to change under influence of very specific teaching and i open my self to a very different type of thinking that allowed me to be free in areas of my mindset that i was imprisoned by my self.

Step after step and i decided to join this forum.

So here i am trying to do something about it. Life will show op anything positive will come out of it.



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3 hours ago, SearcherForWisdom said:

Step after step and i decided to join this forum.

 So here i am trying to do something about it. Life will show op anything positive will come out of it.


Well, let me congratulate you on having the courage to come forward. And I do mean courage. Keep going. You will find people in your own way and your own time.

  (It is my understanding that you’ll have a lot more luck in a place like London then you would in Texas where I live, although paddling is Is ingrained in the American South and in Texas.)

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Responding to the question:

• Quite simply I am continually drawn to combination of: excitement / satisfaction / bonding / mutual understanding & that ever so special secret, that I share with the partners whom I have spanked.

The above combination of pleasures are not related to if the spanking was either focused to a sexual outcome or discipline.


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I didn't know about the Chase and Sanborn ad until today, and it is remarkable!  I echo the other spankers who mostly felt from the beginning they were meant to do this.  My first experience though, though, was really accidental.  If anyone wants to hear the details, just let me know and I will recount them gladly, as one never forgets "the first time."

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I started self medicating with alcohol as a minor to deal with childhood trauma. The self self medicating continued though adult hood.  I hit rock bottom for me in my twenties.  I did the detox and rehab. After third try, it took. Then came the dealing with PTSD., The night terrors and Flash Backs again. I could not reach my A. A. Sponsor. He had fallen off the wagon.  i knew if I drank again I would loose my sobriety,  my wife, my soon to be son,  my world. I signed myself in to rehab before I drank.  My pregnant wife, had a friend who discussed accountability, the benefits of Spanking Therapy. While I was there in rehab she brought it to me.

We began a mutual accountability relationship. And instead of self medicating with alcohol, when i had a night terror and could not return to bed for fear of another another one. I was spanked with the same bare bottom over the correction i should have received as a child instead of physical and natural abuse that filled my childhood.. When I was stressed to the breaking point I didn't need to call a sponsor, all i had to do was make a statement on how a glass of whisky would be nice. Spanking became my means to deal, My crutch. To be honest, that I miss.

Now back to needing a sponsor, meetings and I am on antidepressants.

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