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How much did you get in trouble as a kid?

How much did you get in trouble as a kid?  

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  1. 1. How much did you get in trouble as a kid?

    • I was one of the worst out all the kids
    • Much more than most of the kids
    • Somewhat more than most
    • About average
    • Less than most kids
    • I was perfect

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*Thread Advisory 

I removed posts from this thread (for transparency) --  If members feel strongly about the removal of the thread please 1. report (which we have gotten) 2. use the "Ask the Staff" section 3. Make a thread proposing a defined rule change. 

Our staff see's the reports and we are discussing it as a team as it doesn't break the guidelines but we understand the concern and watching to make sure the thread doesn't go the wrong way. We are asking members not to go into graphic detail of their childhood discipline experiences (so we don't glorify parenting/ possible abuse on an adult spanking fetish website). But we also acknowledge that for some their sexual orientation (which can start as early as the age of 3 years old) was more pronounced in thought processes of who they are in their early development. With the last in mind; that is why we created the guidelines as such: 

Minors and Children



The discussions on this site involve legally consenting adults, that have full legal capacity to consent. In most states and countries this means the age of 18 or older. Please be mindful of the age of consent in your locality. 

The posting of photographs of minors engaged in a spanking experience is strictly prohibited. The exception of personal experiences and age regressed fictional characters are listed in the Writing, Photographs and Videos section.  

Promotion or interest shown in minors (persons younger than 18) joining or being part of the spanking lifestyle will not be allowed. This includes discussion of minors being allowed in the lifestyle, accepting or sending friend requests to members that state they are minors, replying to a personal ad in which the member states they are a minor, or stating/ showing interest that you are interested in spanking minors on or off site, etc. 

Discussion of or seeking feedback on the discipline of minors is not allowed except in the context of age regressed fictional characters.



Writing, Photographs and Videos



 This is an adult site with a focus on spanking. Nudity is allowed so long as the following guidelines are met:

  • The user posting the content has the legal permission to post it (e.g. you wrote the work yourself, you took the picture / video yourself, OR you have permission from the author / artist / persons involved to post it.)

  • Photographic depictions of adult nude bottoms may be shown as it pertains to spanking. Full nudity in spanking setting is acceptable.

  • No explicit genital photographs or videos will be allowed. Nudity is allowed but don’t include explicit genital close-up. 

  • Drawings, sketches, or other types of artistic expression of age regressed and or fictional characters are permissible so as long as they are tasteful. Similarly, discussion of minors engaged in spanking is prohibited except in the context of discussing a personal experience as a minor or observation. The discussion of age regressed fictional characters engaged in spanking scenarios is allowed, so long as the discussion is age appropriate for the regressed age of the character(s) (i.e no sexual overtones or insinuations when age regressed fictional characters under 18 are involved). The Site Owners reserve final judgement on taste. If a fictional or non fictional writing piece has illegal or distressing content especially involving  potential minors/ age regression the content can be reviewed and removed if deemed harmful for the community. 


Basically, there shouldn't be debate on active parenting discussions, debate, in-depth detail of actual childhood spankings, other than in very light passing by comments of their own personal experience and how it relates to their own personal orientation (if anything). People should not be asking more details to the person leaving the comments of their childhood experience in discipline in regards to the act itself. 


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There is no way I was perfect. As a child I deserved spankings more that a few times.  My mother did not believe in it. Most of my friends were spanked and teased me because I was not. Once when I was about 12 I accidently saw a friend of the same age getting spanked severely by his mother.  A few days later I even asked my mother to spank ME like that. She refused.

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I probably had ADHD but back in the 50's that wasn't a thing that was dealt with.  I was bored because I didn't feel challenged enough by classwork, so I tended to get in trouble over my lack of behavior at school, as well as at home. Never did anything really bad, but have been told by relatives that I was a handful for my parents to manage, as well as for my teachers.  Back then spanking was allowed and approved in the schools, so I did get spankings there as well as at home. 

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I never got in trouble at school. I was a good student, and always behaved in class. But at home, I would always get in trouble. I would not complete my chores on time. I would fight with my sister. Didn’t do my homework in time. I would get spanked and/or punished at least once or twice a week. 

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I would say about average. I have 3 siblings so it wasn’t unusual to get in an argument at some point during the week that ended with up getting me into trouble especially since my mouth runs before my brain. At school I was a perfect angel 😇

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