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Favorite spanking implement for tops & bottoms

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A mixture of many if I'm honest but at the moment I love a solid wooden hairbrush thick and shiny with sharp bristles when used with vigour on the flat side flip it over and give that bottom a good scrubbing post spanking!.....deeeeelicious! 🙂

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On 5/3/2020 at 1:39 PM, Luke said:

For both getting spanked or doing the spanking...no doubt about it...a razor strop.  

Never had a razor strap used on me. What is it like? May buy  one!!

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I'm answering the question from the perspective of a male spanker who has had some experience IRL with this stuff, with female spankees/girlfriends. I also learned about different implements online in videos or websites and such. Some I was not familiar with at first due to my country of origin. I feel like I see there being a place for all the main implements but my favorites are:

Belt/strap- Probably my favorite. The whoosh and crack sound are just so satisfying. These work very well for thoroughly tanning a hide, leaving pretty welts. And there's something especially personal about a belt. The look in her eyes is priceless when she hears the jingle of the belt buckle as it's pulled out of loops and she knows what's coming to her. Very fitting for certain spanking fantasies/scenarios, like ones with a paternal sort of theme.

Tawse - The tawse is appealing in a way similar to belts/straps, but seems to be able to deliver an even worse welting with the forked strips at the end. It's a foreign implement to an American and something I first became familiar with from spanking videos produced in the UK, but I've grown to really like it.

Wooden paddle - The deep thud sound and seeing her cheeks jiggle and dance under the hard impact is very satisfying. The marks/bruises caused by it are nice looking in their own way, sometimes with that sort of bullseye pattern. The look of the bruises from a paddling as they heal up in the following days is also really appealing to me. I love that deep purplish color they sometimes take on. The wooden paddle in a way seems more brutish than some other implements, with not much effort making the whacks amount to a real clobbering.

Hairbrush - There's something nice about this. It leaves pretty marks similar to a wooden paddle, but there's more control in applying each stroke. Nice thuddy whomp sound to it. And taking into account what a spankee ex told me, spanking a woman with her own hairbrush has a sort of additional humiliating aspect to it. And I like the improvised nature--when the spankee has been so naughty that the situation needs to be addressed then and there, and some normal objects like this that were lying nearby will have to do.

Bath brush - A very satisfying whack to it. It's sort of like an industrial strength hair brush. I would imagine the bigger handle causes there more leverage/force. Very fitting when applied to a cold, wet bottom straight out of the bath/shower.

Switch, birch - A nice sounding swish and can be very painful with just a minor flick of the wrist. A bundle of multiple branches gives its own kind of marks that look nice as well. Telling the spankee to go cut me a switch from outside is also another humiliating thing for her to add to the punishment in my opinion. And makes it seem more old fashioned and traditional which has can have its own appeal sometimes. This can be another improvised implement in outdoor settings where the spanker wouldn't have access to a normal dedicated implement. And there's something special or almost primitive about it--presumably mankind's first spanking method.

I also have a soft spot for the carpet beater, cane, quirt/whip and others but I've written enough already. Sitting down to write this most made me think that for a lot of spankers, their "favorite" or their idea of "best" implements are probably in a sense the "worst" or "least favorite" to the spankee. 😏 The more effective they are, the scarier they probably are.

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I am ee who so far experienced one real spanking.

My favourite implement thus far is the wooden spoon. I only felt it once but boy was it intense. Rapid fire of spanks one after another after another, extremely stingy. Lots of discomfort and very very sore.

Our short home made strap (just a piece cut off from a thick belt) is very intense, really sharp pain and welts for days afterwards. It is a good one also, I was definitely yelling into my pillow during the strapping. 

The wooden hairbrush surprisingly almost didn’t feel painful, it was just thuds. Maybe the next time. 

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I am a bottom / brat. I have several favorites. I love to be caned. I have a gorgeous strap from The London Tanner. But, for discipline - a wooden hairbrush-type paddle or bathbrush is effective. 

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For rigid, structured discipline that needs to get the point across quickly, I prefer a large paddle.  It is certainly a strong persuader. 

For most anything else, I like a hairbrush paddle if I am not using my hand.  It can be used in any position, and can be great for accurately landing swats where you want them, and they can be surprisingly lethal to brat's backside. 

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