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Hey there...I feel a little awkward, as I’ve only just accepted the fact that I’m actually interested in this. I’m a 28 year old lesbian, and I grew up in a very strict home with far too much and too harsh discipline for children. I swore I would never spank a child. It’s been confusing trying to figure out why the subject interests me so deeply. I’ve asked previous partners to spank me, but they were uncomfortable. I’m currently single, and realizing I can actually seek out a community of people just like me. So...here I am! Hi. My name is Emily. Sometimes go by Emma. Hi. 

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Hi Emma! I understand completely, I grew up with discipline that was far to harsh for a child as well.. hell its considered harsh to some adults! 

It took me a while to figure out that my discipline as a child has nothing to do with my need as an adult.

Welcome! I'm here if you ever need to chat :)

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Hi Emma. Welcome. I've also recently started to explore my interests in this and also come from a strict background so I can relate to how confusing those feelings can be. Take your time to get to know people and explore. There's a lot of good topics and information here along with the community aspect.

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Welcome to the site Emma.  I understand it’s akward when you try to figure out this need, but there’s no need to feel akward here 😀.   Tons of information in the forums to read.  Check out the safety section, it’s helpful.  Enjoy! 

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Hi Emma, 

I understand the awkward feeling. Not only am I new to this side of me. But I am also learning to accept that I might be interested in strong dominant women. Maybe a lie there, I am interested in strong, dominant women. Now the adventure is accepting this and discovering if my life of lonely was because I was in denial for so long. Welcome to the site and happy exploring. There are many nice people here that are very helpful.

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I switch.  I was spanked, belted,  a couple of times as a kid but never abused.

One reason I like to be spanked now, I've decided, is the intensity of the physical experience with another person.  It's another person truly taking care of one of my needs.  It's not the same as abuse as a kid but, as adults, we all still need intense physical caring.  Good work taking care of yourself.

If you ever come within a few hours of Dayton, OH I will help your travels with very 'hot pockets.'

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