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EEs vs ERs Round 5...NEW RULE


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I think the EEs have figured out that the ERs are queuing up to give them a good thrashing and if any EEs post, they will get 5 ERs on their tail, leaving only a couple of rounds left.

Although I'm ultra-competitive, I think I should lie low for a while.

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3 hours ago, Rand E said:

I admit, I have a sentimental soft-spot for this round that has gone on for 2 1/2 years (the entire COVID epidemic) and seen so many EEs and ERs come and go.  I won't be the one to bring it to an end.  

@Rand E It’s a special game for me too seen me go from fit and healthy to on an incubator with covid to being fitter than ever and turning my whole life around. The Game has special meaning but sometimes these chapters have to end and another page in the book of life turned over. 

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