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EEs vs ERs Round 5...NEW RULE


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On 12/20/2021 at 7:31 AM, Tate999 said:

192 it refers to the same person @PBM was when it was crazy in the early days 3 of us would get together and bump the number right up and it was to stop that 

The original statement of the rules made the observation: THERE ARE MORE EEs WHO PLAY THAN ERs.

Not sure that is true anymore.  I guess the next round, presumably in February, will have the rules symmetrical with respect to EE's and ER's.  

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Pbm.  Yes you goofed.  Read what you just quoted.  Each individual ee has 3 moves before being frozen.  Collectively there is no such limit.  

Now, stop being hell bent on winning.  In this game it is about the gentle ebb and flow.  Serious players 1.5 years ago decided that this one was special, and should span the entire covid era. 

The reality is that if ee s adopt your mentality they will collectively win tomorrow.  But that would be a loss for everyone.

Pegging the number within 40 points of ending puts the one side in an uncomfortable posture.  Just as with the give and take of a real life spanking, that is not cool.  You are a recent player who has not seen me play much -- that is because i hit the brakes when the count is over 140 or so.


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Thanks, Tactile, although that's still not how I read the rule. Not to worry: I appreciate your guidance. You are correct in that I am a new player, having been encouraged to join in by one of the established EEs. I'm afraid you have misinterpreted "my mentality", though. I have absolutely no desire to rock the boat, and am not, and will not be, promoting a charge on 200 by the ERs. Not before February anyway, if that's where the game is to be headed.

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