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EEs vs ERs Round 5...NEW RULE


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On 10/27/2021 at 12:39 AM, AfterGeometry said:

Sigh.  Nobody has anything to say; just posting numbers.  Okay I get the message.


Non-human primates, such as chimpanzees and monkeys, have been observed swatting each other’s hind quarters with an open hand or a whip-like vine. Yes, actual monkeys have been known to “spank the monkey” in more ways than one. Sometimes it’s nonconsensual and abusive. However, at other times, especially among the Make-Love-Not-War bonobo apes, the swat or spank to the rear is a form of erotic teasing or a playful prelude to coitus.

You can tell that bonobos are enjoying the spanks when they are accompanied by squeals of glee, rather than cries of pain. Maybe “the bonobo way” of incorporating spanking, tickling, wrestling and other forms of erotic “rough play” into interpersonal interactions is one reason that bonobos have never been seen killing each other in the wild or captivity.

Interestingly, female bonobos are more likely to spank than get spanked, even though the males are larger and stronger. Between the spanks, female empowerment, male well-being, resource sharing and erotic inclusivity, bonobos show us the way to peace through pleasure.

Let’s call it: Peace through Spanking!





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