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EEs vs ERs Round 5...NEW RULE


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2 hours ago, AfterGeometry said:

@shygurlthere seems to be a bit of a lag.  Can you place a call to IT department please

Sorry...been sleeping....migraine from hell!!!

IT dept has been notified.


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And after 76 pages of wild gyrations we find ourselves back at the beginning.  Thanks shy.

Quit bitching and post a number.  

Hannah.  You play with integrity; that matters.  Please feel free to shift from side to side as you please for whatever reason makes sense to you at the time.  My only request is to watch out for thos

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1 hour ago, shygurl said:

Been up all night waiting for them to post...nothing!!!


They went into hiding midday yesterday and obviously have yet to post a number thus far. So yet again we find ourselves where we have been many, many times this round waiting for those controlling ER’s to post. 😇😁😇😁😇

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13 minutes ago, AfterGeometry said:

Is anybody playing ?    Everyone is on lockdown or quarantine but nobody can play.  Go figure.   Y'all ain't all at church.  

Obviously this is directed at your ER squad as you can tell from the number that the EE’s have been quite active. 😇😇😇😇😇

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