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Discipline Clinic - Directed Spanking Software

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Hi there! 

I was into self spanking while in my teens and 20s, back when I had a hard time expressing my kinky desires to the women in my life :) I've been pretty lucky to be with someone for the last few years who also enjoys spanking and being spanked by me, so I don't do self spanking anymore. I still have an understanding and a soft spot for those who do so I decided to write a program to help people out.  I've spent countless hours working on this program and will continue to do so.  I consider it my opportunity to give back to an awesome spanking community!!!!

This program gives a lot of good advice for self spankering and includes advice on implements to use and techniques as well as a very good discipline program with guided spankings and keeps track of all of your history, issuing more intense spankings for repeat offenses. There is also a maintenance program and extra punishments like corner time and mouth soaping when needed. There are several disciplinarians and when it's time for your spanking, they tell you what (not) to wear, what implement to use, which position, and whether or not you deserve a warm-up. They even scold you about whatever infraction you reported for. They then dictate when to smack yourself, sometimes faster sometimes slower, sometimes it varies.

The program that runs these scripts is called "Sexscripts". My script is called "Discipline Clinic". To run it, you have to download the sexscript app here:


Once you download the main app, you can run any of the scripts that people have written, follow the "scripts" link:


Search on "DisciplineClinic". You'll need to download the main script as well as the DisciplinePacks 1 through 9, they contain the images of the disciplinarians as well as the sounds and other media needed for the script. It has over 1,000 reviews and is one of the highest rated scripts on the site!

You can read the forum post for it here:


Let me know what you think!  If anyone needs help in getting this set up or finds a bug, send me a PM.  It seems a little tricky at first but it's really not that hard.  You download the main sexscript program, set yourself up with ID and information about your sex, sexual preference, what toys you have etc.  Then you go to the scripts page, find the the link for the program and each discipline pack, one by one, right click the link and select copy address.  Then go to the program and select "File" -> "Import from URL".  Highlight the default url address and type "CTRL-V" to paste the previously copied URL  Select OK and let it work (sometimes it takes a minute or two).  When it's finished it will tell you that it successfully downloaded the script.  It automagically puts all of the images, scripts, sounds in the correct directory.










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I have used this and it is amazing! Thanks for putting in the time

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