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23 hours ago, Jaded said:

Same here. Or it just takes extremely long to load.  Chat has been freezing.  Sometimes it takes very long to log off.  

Maybe it can't comprehend a good boy being on a spanking site and it freaks out.  ?  I have experienced the same problems that you have and sometimes I can't even log off. I have to click on the X to get out. Which is really weird.

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I betcha it's because 99% of the bandwidth is people fapping to the spanking pr0n.

My suggested solution: limit pr0n access to the graveyard shift, 2100 - 0600. That's a wide window in which the fappers can get free fappin. But then everybody else can access the forums and generally participate in the community here. This solution has zero cost too and just requires a bit of tech work on the backend.

Or if you want to get primitive just remove the pics altogether and watch bandwidth decline by 99%.

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We’re in the process of adding additional hardware and also reconfiguring the backend to make things lightening fast. I know it's been cloggy for the past 6 months and we are working on a solution. :) It's nothing to do with cost but how the site was configured and we are re-wiring a few things. 

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