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Update for CoL:

The site had slowed right down again (14th Jan @ 2100 GMT). Around five minutes to load a page or forum, and the chat is almost impossible - huge lag between comments. Looking at the comments it's affecting users everywhere - US and UK.

Surely this is an issue with the site hosting? Are their servers over-capacity?

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16 minutes ago, Child of Light said:

Any issues in the past 24 hours? :)

Yes.  Part of the day yesterday it was closer to what it should be, but at other times it took 30-60 seconds to go from one page to the next or to get on the site from somewhere else. It's still not fantastic here this morning but at least usable. 

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2 hours ago, Child of Light said:

Any issues in the past 24 hours? :)

I have found when it is slow if I log out and back in it helps for an hour or so. 

Other things open on my computer work fast enough, If I shut everything else down it doesn't make any difference either. 

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11 hours ago, AfterGeometry said:

Maybe it's Operator Error SBG, have you ever considered that option?  Maybe you need more RAM or something.  ?? 




Yeah like maybe ram something where the sun don' t shine, AG... you sure know how to piss off a little girl?? Maybe you could help out COL and fix this?

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