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Good Afternoon to my fellow Californians. 

I've only just made my account today after brewing over the decision for weeks/months. I've just had a hard time admitting that this is something I want to try in real life. I've done spanking RPs, gaze with admiration at anime spanking art, etc.

But now I'm wanting to try it in real life. I've never spanked anyone before and I've never been spanked (other than a few slaps as a kid). I'm actually going to be getting my first introductory spanking at the experienced hands of another member of this site next Saturday (Feb 1). So I'll see how that goes. 

But I would love to meet and befriend multiple people on this site. I don't really have anyone irl who I can talk to this stuff about. 

If anyone would like to chat or meet that would be really cool. Since I'm new to this, I'd like to take any meetings slowly. And if you're a spankee, expect me to be the most awkward spanker ever if you end up being the first person I ever spank.

^oh and on the topic of me being a spanker. I'm current educating myself on how to deliver a spanking. I really never ever want to hurt someone seriously. So I'm learning where on the bottom it's appropriate to smack and how much force is appropriate (which can also vary depending on individual preference). 

If there are any spankos in the area who are patient and might be interested, please send me message. I have a kik account and a discord, too, the addresses of which are listed on my profile page.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to any conversations we may share.


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I just want to say hello to everyone that has dropped in on my thread. Sorry for not warmly greeting you. I keep forgetting to check the website threads I make. XD I need to make notifications a thing. 

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