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female EE looking for a long-term ER


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I'm a 23 year old female looking for an older ER, male or female (gender doesn't really matter to me as I'm strictly looking for someone to fill the mentor/disciplinarian role and nothing more).

I've never actually been spanked before, but I've often thought of it, and I keep finding myself back on this site, so ignoring this desire (or need) doesn't seem to be working. I'd like to get to know someone who's mature and experienced, but also compassionate to sort of serve as a caring authoritative/parental figure. I don't really understand how people form these relationships without pretending, but that's what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in role-play as much as having the spankings serve as punishment/ guidance. I wouldn't want the meetings to feel too cold or impersonal, so if your idea of mentorship is just based on spanking, it probably wouldn't be a great fit.

It'd be great to hear from anyone who's looking for something similar

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I could be your 'mentor' butt I live in Ohio.  On the page, top right, is a search button.  Click on it for a new drop down.  Find 'more' and you'll get another list.  The last entry on the list is 'members.'  Click.  Fill in your parameters and you should get a listing of members near you.  Lastly -- BE CAREFUL.  Email.  Talk on phone.  Meet any 'candidates' in a public place with a friend.  Ask for 'credentials' if you want to.   Ask other members, even SN's moderators,  for feed back on your potential choice.  You do all this to stay safe and actually get what you want.  We all want SAFE, SANE & CONSENSUAL.  Then decide.

This is how I found my 'perfect' spanker.  It's how I also get acquainted with any one who wants a spanking or mentoring from me.  

I have heard of women who took a female partner to their first 'visit,' even first spanking with a new potential mentor.  

This will be a terrific experience with the right person, male or female.  Due diligence,  good luck.

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I’m in NJ.   Depending on where in MD you are, I could fit what you’re describing.   Couldn’t come at the drop of a hat, but very doable. 

I’m a bunch older (60s), but to me it isn’t an issue.  If it is for you that’s fine.  

If interested drop a line. 

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Hello... M60 Binghamton NY.  I'd be very interested in chatting and perhaps meeting.  My objective is to give you the spanking and mentoring that you want and need.  No sex involved..  PM me if you might like to pursue this.

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