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As we all know, self spanking often requires different implements then what is used with a partner assisted spanking. From personal experience I know a paddle, or bath brush are easy to swing with either hand, and give a very satisfactory spanking. A strap is also quite effective, as can be a heavier spatula or wooden spoon. I've never had much luck with cane type implements. Lately I've tried experimenting with different cords. A cord is a very different type of spanking then with paddle type implement or a strap. 

When I spank I like the sound of a paddle type implement or strap, and I like the immediate sting or painful thud. The cord gives a very different experience. it is very quiet and the pain of the spank is quick and fades quickly, but with enough repeats is felt later. The paddle or strap can be anything from a light spanking which is only moderately uncomfortable and fades quickly, to a to a hard spanking that may take a couple to a few hours to fade. As an example this morning I did 2 sets of 50 each (side) with an audio cord and then an electrical cord (like from a desktop computer). At times, especially with the audio cord it was intense. The thicker cord less so. Immediately afterwards I felt a mild sting, now a couple hours later I feel  some pain while sitting.

My question is when you spank yourselves, what are you looking for from the spanking, in terms of feeling, sound, and after effect; and what implement(s) and application methods work best to give you what you want. I swing an brush or paddle downward while standing or bent over. A strap and cord works best standing a swung around my body. The thicker electrical cord was too stiff to swing around, so I used it more like brush, swinging down. I'm looking for other ideas for a spanking that hurts during the spanking and is felt later. I personally cannot used wood every time due to the effect on my skin, although to be honest any implement has the same hardening after effect. I'm beginning to think the hardening is where the sore bottom later stems from. In which case what implements and approach give a good sound spanking  that will be felt later, with less impact on the skin?

Sorry for a rather long winded question😁 but I am really looking for a spanking that hurts during and later 😫😪, which leaves me feeling 😀.

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Go to an higher-end adult store that carries implements, paddles, and such.  After cruising the store, look closely in the spanking products section.  When a clerk asks you what your interests are, simply say that you have a spanking fetish and are looking to decide on some implements to start with.

Then tell the clerk (usually quite knowledgeable women) that you have never actually been spanked, but it's on your 'bucket list".    Then go to a different store and look some more.  Repeat as needed.  One of the clerks might offer to be your 'spanking instructor'.  If she hints about it, ask for her contact info and contact her, without high pressure or 'sales pitch' and see what happens.   Hopefully, it could result in a series of red-bottom adventures.

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