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3 hours ago, juliegrace said:

How many have noticed spanking references in songs?  I have in tons,  then again I listen to country!  Anyone else?  Name them!

Okay, I'm curious - I don't listen to country but now I'm curious what references you've heard. 

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16 hours ago, a-mw-spanker1 said:

Sawyer Brown....”Thank God for you.”

I hadn’t thought of sawyer brown in forever.  I remember jamming to them when I was young, thinking I was so cool haha.  

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PJ Harvey - Man Size - from 93 and it still kicks like the proverbial m-f-er.

Both for the line "I cast my iron knickers down" and the way she's shifting around on that chair in her pants !

I love English rocker girls ! 



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Repo Man  (Ray Lamontagne)

It's like you think I got revolvin' doors on my house
Like you can just come and go as you please
I'm 'bout to do what your daddy shoulda done
I'm gonna lay you right across my knee

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Here are a few from the country genre that come to mind....

Loretta Lynn:  One's on the Way

Holly Dunn:  Daddy's Hands

George Straight:  Love Without End, Amen

Chris LeDoux:  Silence on the Line

Sawyer Brown:  Thank God for You

Buddy Brown:  Kids that Never Got Spanked

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