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Hi there 🙂

I’ve had a couple spankings, but I’m lacking consistent discipline! There is so much about the mental aspect, power dynamic, and punishment that I crave. I’d love to find someone to explore more with. Domestic discipline is the ideal scenario. I’m in Ohio! Looking for someone closer to my age whose strict and dominant! I’ve had a spanking fetish for as long as I can remember.... 

the vibe is the most essential part, obviously local is ideal. But let’s be real there’s not a plethora of spankos just running about. So I find nothing wrong with committing to traveling for someone I vibe with. 

In Jillian Keenans words would love to find my “spanking soulmate” one day lol. But for now a blistered red bare bottom would be great! 


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Be patient and someone will come along.

First and foremost...be safe!!! Your inbox will fill up with replies from this...some will be legit, but many will be creeps. Be very careful talking, meeting and getting to know someone before they lay a hand on you. Consider reading the Power and Control post in the safety forum before ever meeting someone.

Domestic Discipline can be a great lifestyle, but it take the right two people. Sometimes it starts out great and then he turns into an asshole. Take it slow.

Good luck in your search and I hope you find what you're looking for.

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Welcome to Spanking Needs! Please remember to take things slow and be safe. @MichiganHeadmaster thank you for the shout out. Burning River Spanking Society of Cleveland is located here in Cleveland Ohio. We have quarterly spanking parties and munches. Our next party is this Friday November 8 from 8pm to 12midnight in Cleveland. This is a great safe way to meet and connect with fellow spankos. Our events can be found on FetLife plus we post under the Local section here on Spanking Needs.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 



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HI.  I'm in Dayton.  I'm a bit older than you, so our relationship will be friendship with 'hot pockets.'  Good luck finding your desire.  Partners do exist but, due to the nature of our craving, we tend to stay 'low key.'  Until you find one, I may be the bottom warmer you need.  

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