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Site Rules & Guidelines (Updated August 10th 2021)

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Spanking Needs Site Rules & Guidelines

By accessing the SN site, you are agreeing to abide by our terms of use and guidelines. These guidelines are subject to modification by the site owners and are in place to promote equitable access and enjoyment for the community. The rules below apply to all user-posted content, including, but in no way limited to, posts, chat messages, private messages, visitor messages, links, custom titles, user names, user profiles, photos, avatars, clubs, blogs, signatures, contact-us, or anything to do with Spanking Needs. 

Community Initiated Amendments

Any member of the community can propose a modification to the rules, as long as the change is supported by the community, and complies with our legal requirements, it will be considered to be adapted. A guide of how to raise concerns or guideline adaptations are posted here. We encourage you to read this thread before posting in the Feedback section.

Site Staff and Volunteers

The owners have continued the tradition set by the site’s founder to ask members of the site to serve the community by moderating sections of the site. These moderators join the owners and founder in enforcing the site’s standards and guidelines. Site staff have been granted significant discretion to ensure that Spanking Needs is a welcoming community dedicated to adult spanking. Moderation decisions may be appealed by contacting one of the co-owners. However, prior to appealing, we strongly encourage you to speak with the member of our staff that moderated you to understand why the action was taken from their perspective. Site owners reserve the right to act unilaterally to protect the interests of the site or the community. 

Minors and Children 

You must be above the age of 18 (or 21 in some locations) to access this site. Any minors that access the site are violating our terms of service and site rules and will be banned. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The discussions on this site involve legally consenting adults, that have full legal capacity to consent. In most states and countries this means the age of 18 or older. Please be mindful of the age of consent in your locality. 

The posting of photographs of minors engaged in a spanking experience is strictly prohibited. The exception of personal experiences and age regressed fictional characters are listed in the Writing, Photographs and Videos section.  

Promotion or interest shown in minors (persons younger than 18) joining or being part of the spanking lifestyle will not be allowed. This includes discussion of minors being allowed in the lifestyle, accepting or sending friend requests to members that state they are minors, replying to a personal ad in which the member states they are a minor, or stating/ showing interest that you are interested in spanking minors on or off site, etc. 

Discussion of or seeking feedback on the discipline of minors is not allowed except in the context of age regressed fictional characters.

 Personal Attacks

By accessing this site, you are affirming that you are a consenting adult in your locality and are allowed to view adult content by law. Every user is expected to behave professionally and appropriately. Do not make personal attacks. Comment on content, not on the contributor. Personal attacks do not help make a point; they only hurt the community. As such, should a member makes a personal attack, flag it for moderation and do not respond in kind. 

Examples of personal attacks include but are not limited to:

    Inflammatory, intolerant or hateful remarks towards people based on their appearance, age, occupation, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, race or health conditions. Disagreement over what goes into these characteristics is not a legitimate excuse.

    Using someone's affiliations as an ad hominem means of dismissing or discrediting their views.

    Comparing people to Nazis, dictators, or other infamous persons. See also Godwin's law.

    Threats, including, but not limited to threats of legal action, threats of violence, threats to give out personal details.

    Accusations about person's behavior that lack evidence. Serious accusations require serious evidence.

When in doubt, comment on content without referring to the contributor or the contributor’s motives.

We are all adults. Act like it. Everyone will be moderated the same (no matter your ‘role’ or desires) 


Harassment will not be tolerated in any form. 

Writing, Photographs and Videos

 This is an adult site with a focus on spanking. Nudity is allowed so long as the following guidelines are met:

  • The user posting the content has the legal permission to post it (e.g. you wrote the work yourself, you took the picture / video yourself, OR you have permission from the author / artist / persons involved to post it.)

  • Photographic depictions of adult nude bottoms may be shown as it pertains to spanking. Full nudity in spanking setting is acceptable.

  • No explicit genital photographs or videos will be allowed. Nudity is allowed but don’t include explicit genital close-up. 

  • Drawings, sketches, or other types of artistic expression of age regressed and or fictional characters are permissible so as long as they are tasteful. Similarly, discussion of minors engaged in spanking is prohibited except in the context of discussing a personal experience as a minor or observation. The discussion of age regressed fictional characters engaged in spanking scenarios is allowed, so long as the discussion is age appropriate for the regressed age of the character(s) (i.e no sexual overtones or insinuations when age regressed fictional characters under 18 are involved). The Site Owners reserve final judgement on taste. If a fictional or non fictional writing piece has illegal or distressing content especially involving  potential minors/ age regression the content can be reviewed and removed if deemed harmful for the community. 


If you have any issue or problem with material posted in this forum, or with the behavior of another community member based on their actions on or related to the site, please report the post and or use the "Ask The Staff" forum (Only you and staff members can see this). Prior to involving the staff, please make an effort to resolve the conflict.

If a particular member or members are bothering you, please use the site’s block feature before involving a member of the staff.

Suicide/ Homicide and Self Harm

If you are currently thinking about harming yourself and or others, please seek help immediately from a professional certified medical professional or emergency responder. We want you to get help. Click here to view a variety of resources related to this topic.

it is not possible for this site, its staff, or users, to provide the necessary mental health resources, support, or response that discussions of suicide, suicide theats, self harm (including overdose), or putting oneself or others in harms way would require.  Such discussions are never appropriate here and are subject to removal by the staff as well as notification where possible of local authorities in the case of imminent harm. We want all discussions here to encourage and promote good health. 


Spamming on the site including in private messages will not be tolerated. This includes:  blatant, excessive, or inappropriate promotion or advertising of any person or persons, product, service, website, or board;  schemes or referral games; use of multiple accounts; intentionally posting threads in the incorrect forum; and/or any post deemed to be spam due to irrelevance or nuisance in nature. 

Link Sharing 

Please note that SN  maintains a list of links to sites that may be of interest to our members. SN makes no guarantee as to the content of these links nor to their universal availability. Sites may be included in the SN list by our members. In order to post in the “External Links” section, a member must meet certain criteria in order to post in that section. Posting links in the forum or chat excessively constitutes spamming and will not be tolerated.

Spanking Services

SN is a free platform for all spanko’s to discuss the topic of adult spanking and make like-minded friends. Charging or requiring a payment or tribute in order to spank or be spanked by another member is not permitted. Selling of spanking videos or phone calls are also not permitted. 

Multiple Accounts

Only one active account is allowed per person. Malicious attempts to circumvent moderation or other site rules will result in a ban for all associated accounts. If you are unable to access or use your account, please contact a member of the staff for assistance by email, staff@spankingneeds.com or the “contact us” form. 

Moderation of Chat

Chat has no separate guidelines than the ones listed in this thread. To report violations of these rules occurring in a chatroom or private message with another user, please use the "Ask the Staff" section outlining the problem (and providing names, dates, and times), and send a screenshot if possible. Only you and staff members can see this. 

Data & Identifying information 

Full names, Email Addresses, Physical Addresses, and Phone Numbers will not be permitted to post on public forums or chat rooms. You are free to do so in private messages. However, we ask that you take caution when giving personally identifiable information to others on this site, as you do so at your own risk.SpankingNeeds cannot be responsible for any information you provide other members, no matter if giving in a public or private space on this site.

The staff will also be moderating information that members post about other members. If identifying information is found being posted about others, those can be subject to removal and held as infringing on the consent of others. Unless all parties consent, it's not acceptable to "trade" photos as if they were baseball cards. Don't ask. Giving out someone else's identifying information (private or public) will not be allowed unless it's clear the 3rd party has agreed that their information has consented in that manner it was given.

Please refer to the "Writing, Photographs and Videos," "Spamming," "Link Sharing" and "Spanking Services" portions of the Guidelines and note those are to protect members. Evidence of trying to bypass Guidelines will be taken at a higher standard.

Violations and Enforcement

    Violations for any site rule or rules will be considered on a case-by-case basis and appropriate corrective action will be taken. 

    Corrective actions include but are not limited to:

   A warning being issued to the involved user(s).  

Content being removed from public accessibility.

Content locking 

    A staff member privately contacting a user to explain the violation and request changes to post(s) or behaviors as necessary.

    A restriction from accessing a part or parts of the site involved in the violation. All permanent or long term restrictions exceeding one weeks (7 days) period must be approved by one of the two site owners. The imposition of any restrictions for a period exceeding 6-months requires the approval of both site owners. 

Members Right to Appeal Sanctions

All moderation decisions by the SN moderators may be appealed to the site owners. Similarly, decisions of one site owner may be appealed to the other site owner. In the case where both site owners jointly imposed a sanction or sanctions, both will hear the appeal. 

Appeals should be presented through the “Contact Us” form and should include:

  • Your username on the site and your valid email address

  • A short description of the circumstances that lead to the imposition of sanction(s)

  • A list of the sanctions imposed and the date of their imposition

  • A rationale for appeal (e.g. you are sorry, you have changed your behavior, etc) as well as any evidence to support your request.

  • Other information that you want the site owners to consider.

All appeals will be determined by the site owners. In most cases, the moderation staff will be consulted for input prior to adjudication of a request for appeal. 

Decisions on appeals will be emailed to the email address provided in the Contact Us form. 

 Privacy and Control of Member Posted Content

All discussion forums and their posts are visible to the public (without registration), except for the forums listed here.

Members are permitted to edit content they have posted on the discussion forums, unless they’ve been banned (see Violations and Enforcement section above) or the thread they have posted in has been closed or deleted (see all the sections above on what content is and isn’t allowed).

Additionally, members are allowed to delete their posts under the following conditions:

  1. All posts that have been made in the past month (30 days) may be deleted so long as no responses have been made to or under the post in question. (e.g. the post is not the beginning of a conversation).

  2. It's not a request of mass-deletion of posts or content. Each request of deletion needs to be requested with links individually.

A member wishing to delete a post that doesn’t meet the conditions above may request an exemption from the staff by sending a request via "Ask the Staff"  (Only you and staff members can see this) and a member of staff will address it. 

Username Changes 

Please see this thread here on policies of username request changes. 

Account Removals 

We currently do not removal members accounts on the whim. We will remove personal identifying posts/ images/ etc but at this current time we do not removal accounts.

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