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Roommate from Hell part XIII

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Mean New Deal Michelle went to bed that night incredibly sore. More sore than she'd ever been in her life. She took a 45 minute spanking from Marsha that included the hand, hairbrush, paddle, and a 15 minute caning. She was also sore in the front - Marsha took the liberty of shaving Michelle spotless, and had made a few cuts as she went. Marsha had just moved into the apartment across the hall that day as a way to be present to help Jane discipline Michelle when necessary - something Michelle was very much not pleased about, as Marsha was a spanking machine. That night, the poor girl cried herself to sleep. The situation she was in was a total nightmare and she had no idea how to get out. At 7:15, her alarm went off. Up early to get spanked. Again. Her ass still sore from the onslaught it had taken just 12 hours earlier. She got up, still in yesterday's clothes, and went to the bathroom. She had a spanking appointment from Jane at 7:30, and she couldn't be late. Leaving the bathroom, Michelle walked out into the living room, expecting to see Jane waiting on the couch with 2-3 implements of horror sitting on the coffee table. Yet, surprisingly, no sign of her. Michelle checked her phone - 7:21AM. She was early, and Jane usually was too. "Jane?" she asked out loud. She went and stood by the couch - not wanting to sit for obvious reasons - when her phone buzzed that she got a text. She checked it, and it was from Jane. She opened it: "Had to go to work early. Go see Marsha. She's waiting for you." Michelle's heart sank, and she just wanted to stamp her feet and cry. "No. No no no. NO. FUCK." she said to herself. Goddammit. Bad enough to have to be spanked first thing in the morning on an already sore bottom, but from Marsha?! Again?! No fair. She stood there hesitantly, trying to weigh her options, knowing that if she didn't immediately head across the hall, that her bottom would pay an even steeper price than what was already coming for it. She sucked it up, grabbed her keys, and walked out into the hallway and knocked on Marsha's door. "Good morning, come in," Marsha said, opening the door a moment later. She was already showered and dressed, unlike Michelle who had bed head and was in the clothes she wore yesterday. Michelle trudged into the living room, still full of boxes from the move, as Marsha sipped her coffee at the little kitchen table. "Jane told you to come?" she asked. Michelle solemnly nodded. "Alright. One second," Marsha said as she took another sip of her coffee and sent a text message. Looking up, she shot out her first demand, "Bend over the couch and stick your ass out." Silently, Michelle turned around to the couch and began lowering her shorts. "Ah ah, I'll take care of that. Leave 'em up, just bend." Michelle stopped and bent over, sticking her butt out. Marsha walked over and stuck her pointers into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down side by side and let them fall to her ankles. She noticed that Michelle was still wearing the leopard skin panties from yesterday. "Haven't changed your panties from last night?" "I haven't showered yet," Michelle answered, expecting the worst. "Mhm. I see," Marsha said, again sticking her pointer fingers into the waistband and slowly pulling them down. She noticed the tag had "Michelle" on it in sharpie. "Name still in your panties, very good..." she commented as she unrolled the panties down and checked the inside. "Clean, no marks. Very good," as she let them fall down into her shorts. "Let's see how your ass is holding up..." Michelle's ass was still pink and still had cane marks lining the cheeks. Marsha silently observed, rubbing her pointer across the cane marks. "Still marked. I really did my job last night. Spanking you now is probably going to hurt even more on those cane marks and blood blisters..." Michelle shuddered. "So you'll be happy to know that I'm NOT going to spank you." "Huh?" "Jane and I had a talk last night. We decided that double maintenance spankings every day is a bit too much. You can't live your life that way, especially if you have things to do or you have your time of the month. We were being unreasonable." This all sounded weird - for once, Michelle.. wasn't getting spanked? Was this a trick? "Not to mention," Marsha continued, "a core element of a spanking is the embarrassment aspect of it. It's not that it's supposed to hurt, it's supposed to be embarrassing. Especially for a girl your age. You're 24 and you're bare assed in a stranger's apartment with cane marks on your ass. You should be embarrassed. If you're getting spanked twice a day every day on a schedule, well that embarrassment aspect goes away, doesn't it?" "I.. guess?" "So Jane and I discussed it and decided that we're doing away with maintenance spankings. For now. You'll be spanked for breaking rules or upsetting us, anyway. Pure punishment spankings, rather than maintenance. We're starting with a clean slate now. Doesn't matter what happened before, we're all starting anew." "Oh. Uh. Thank you. I appreciate that." "I'd hope so, we're doing you a huge favor. Granted, nothing's changed. Your panties, cornertime. That's all the same. Understood?" "Yes. Can I get dressed again, please?" "Not quite yet." Michelle felt both relieved and concerned. Marsha walked over to the kitchen, pulled a little tube out of a drawer, and walked back over to Michelle. She took the tube and popped the cap off, squirting something into her palm, and then proceeded to rub it on Michelle's ass. "Ah!" Michelle winced and jerked a bit as Marsha touched her sore behind. "Hold still," Marsha commanded as she poured some more into her palm and began rubbing some more. "Is that lotion?" "Icyhot." Michelle's eyes widened. "Icyhot?!" "Mhm. Something to make sure that last night's spanking will stay in your head, so that way you don't get spanked any time soon. Hold still." Marsha coated Michelle's left butt cheek in the IcyHot before applying it to the right cheek, making sure to cover everywhere. Michelle groaned. "Ooh, it burns..." "It's supposed to," Marsha replied, pouring a dab of the stuff on to her pointer finger. "Now, just to rub it into your cane marks..." "NO! No please," Michelle cried, moving her ass away. "Get back into position and do as you're told, or you'll get new cane marks," came the command. Michelle sighed and got back into position. Marsha rubbed icyhot over the first cane mark and Michelle winced. "Yeah, it's gonna hurt. It's supposed to." She poured another dab on to her finger. "Just 10 or 11 more to go..." Michelle moaned as Marsha applied IcyHot to each individual cane mark across both cheeks. It wasn't long before her whole ass was starting to actually burn a bit. "There, all done," Marsha said once she finished and closed the IcyHot. She began walking back to the kitchen. "Can I get dressed now please?" Michelle whined. "Not yet. Corner time." "Corner time? I wasn't even spanked!" "Don't fuss. In the corner. You get 30 minutes to let that IcyHot do it's job, now into the corner." "Come on, can't I at least go home?" Marsha sighed and put the IcyHot in her pocket. She then took some paper towels and went to the sink and wet them and rinsed them before coming back over to Michelle. She began washing Michelle's ass cheeks. "Ah! Why are you cleaning it off?" "Because you're going to get a spanking, and I don't want IcyHot on my hands." "A spanking?! Hey, I thought I wasn't getting spanked now!" "You weren't getting a maintenance spanking. But you've been whining and giving me a hard time, so now you're getting punished. As promised." Marsha wiped Michelle's ass completely clear of the stuff and went back to the kitchen, throwing away the paper towels and washing her hands. She came back a moment later. "Stand up." Michelle did as she was told. Marsha sat down on the couch. "Over my lap." Michelle moaned as she got over Marsha's lap. The spanking began. Marsha's classic steady rhythm between left cheek and right cheek began. It hurt even more because her ass was already sore, and the IcyHot that had just been on it was still having a burning sensation. "Actually, stand up," Marsha demanded. Michelle quickly got up. Marsha went to her bedroom and left Michelle standing there for a moment until she returned with her wooden hairbrush. Marsha returned to her rightful seat on the couch, and Michelle returned to her rightful place over her lap. "We're gonna do 10 minutes like this. Then we're gonna do some work on your sit spots," Marsha warned as she began her spanking again. Michelle gripped the couch cushion as Marsha went at it. Whereas with her hand she took it a bit slower, with the hairbrush she went faster. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK Back and forth, one strike per cheek. "Ow! Ouch!" Michelle cried as Marsha did what she does best. Pink splotches began to turn a bit red as Marsha worked. Michelle closed her eyes and grinded her teeth as the pain on her ass got even worse. Marsha began spanking exclusively on the cane marks. As she did, Michelle shoved her face into the cushion and screamed and kicked her legs a bit. "Don't kick," came the demand. Michelle began crying into the cushion as Marsha kept spanking her back and forth across the cheeks. After 5 minutes, Marsha began spanking the blood blisters that had formed on Michelle's ass yesterday. Michelle screamed into the couch cushion in tears as Marsha spanked her most vulnerable spots for the next 5 minutes. Once 10 minutes was up, Marsha put the brush down. Michelle's ass was almost as red as it was last night. The blood blisters were now dark red and one had started to bleed. The cane marks on her ass were inflamed. This was almost torture. "Up," Marsha demanded. Michelle did as she was told, wiping tears from her face and trying to calm down. "It hurts, right?" Michelle nodded and sobbed. "Well, do what you're told and you won't have this problem. Step out of your shorts and panties, lay down on the coffee table on your back and lift your legs." Michelle moved over to the coffee table and did as she was told, kicking her shorts and panties off and lying on her back and lifting her legs. "Hold your legs, don't let them fall," Marsha demanded. Michelle leaned forward a bit to hold her legs back, sticking her ass out. Marsha disappeared for a moment, returning with, of course, her wooden cane. Michelle saw it and began to cry a bit more. "Nooo." "Yes. You're gonna get 12 strokes of this on your sit spots. That tender spot I caned last night 6 times? Now it's 12." She rested the cane across the cheeks, against Michelle's already marked sit spots. "Count." Before Michelle could think, Marsha swung the cane up, and back down CRACK! Michelle let out a scream. "OW! One!" CRACK! "Two! CRACK! "Three-ee-eeee!" Michelle sobbed. "What, you wanted to be a big shot. Take your punishment." CRACK! After 5 more strokes, Michelle's sit spots had nice red lines crossing them, as red as her face cheeks as she cried. "Three more," Marsha warned. "These are gonna be fast and hard. Ready?" Michelle let out a sob and nodded. CRACK CRACK CRACK! "TENELEVENTWELVE!" Michelle cried out as each stroke hit. After the twelfth, she full out blubbered. Marsha bent down and inspected her handiwork, rubbing her finger across the fresh cane lines. "Excellent," she muttered, before placing the cane down on the floor and reaching into her pocket and pulling out the IcyHot again. "Now, where were we?" Each cane mark got a nice line of IcyHot across it, which didn't stop Michelle from crying. Once the fresh marks were covered, Michelle was made to stand up and bend over again. Marsha again lined the old cane marks with icyhot before covering her ass cheeks all over with the stuff. Finally, she put a few dabs on her pointer finger and patted each blood blister with a little dab. "There, all covered," Marsha remarked as she put the IcyHot away. Michelle stayed bent over the couch, crying and coughing. "It hurts?" "SO MUCH!" Michelle cried. "Good. Go in the corner. 30 minutes, hands on your head. And god help you if you even touch your ass or come out. Understood?" Michelle nodded as she went into the far corner of the room, sticking her nose into it and putting her hands on her head, her sore, red ass on display. Marsha reached into a box and pulled out a little egg timer, placing it on the coffee table and setting it for 30 minutes. "Don't you come out 'til this goes off. Then you can go back home. Understand?" "Yes m'am," Michelle moaned. "Good," Marsha said before she began cleaning up her dishes from breakfast. Michelle stood in the corner - the second time in 12 hours - with her ass cheeks absolutely inflamed. She desperately wanted to go home and rub her ass and wash the IcyHot off, but she had to do what she was told or she'd be in worse trouble. This sucked so much. And even though she had the slightly relief that double daily maintenance spankings were over, having Marsha live next door on principle wasn't much better.

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I have read them all.  They were amongst my foray spanking stories that I read.  Thankyou for writing them, I greedy await more!

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