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What was your favorite spanking experience

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What is your favorite spanking that you've given or recieved.

My personal favorite was recieving a 150 swats of a hard wooden bath brush in a car on the bare bottom the were all given as hard and as fast as my friend was able to do

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Oh, I have a lot of favorites. Impossible to narrow it down to one. A memorable one was when I explained to a girl I liked what it was I was into. She was polite, but said that wasn’t her thing. I told her that I understand it’s not for everyone. A few days later, I got a call as I left work. She said she’d thought about it, and if I was still interested, we could get some dinner and rent a movie to bring to her place- and that if I brought the hairbrush I’d told her about, then she would be willing to try. I was fairly young and relatively inexperienced at the time. I was nervous, and neither one of us said anything during dinner. When we went to the rental place, we got Boogie Nights- because we heard it was good. Less than an hour in (and a few drinks each), we lost our nervousness and started doing the kissing/hands/awkward dry hump thing that young ppl on a first date do. Finally, I said that I was going to spank her. The dialogue was choppy, weird, and a bit mild as far as sexy talk goes. But when finally it happened, it was glorious. Not wanting to overwhelm her, I said I’d give her 8. After they'd been administered, I was shocked (and turned on to beat the band) when she said maybe I should give her 4 more. It was unexpected and she was kinda into it. 

As far as my overall catalog of experiences goes, it was one of the most clumsy, awkward, inexperienced, and tame encounters. But the occurrence itself was about as much as a 20 year old kid (me) could’ve hoped for. After finally having sex, we both loosened up. We had another cocktail or two, and as one thing led to another for the second time, I said 5 more seemed reasonable. She concurred. 

Maybe not the most sexy, or intense, or enjoyable experience I’ve had, but it was almost an initiation. 

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I think what will be my ultimate favorite is yet to come...

However, on the receiving end, I’d have to go with my first simply because it was so new and exciting.  My body and mind both reacted differently than I had anticipated. 

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Yeah when you get that first true adult spanking it seem. like you can get a natural euphoric high. Almost like that of a runers high but for spanking a spankees high.

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Being given my first loving over the knee bare bottom spanking as a an adult from a woman who wasn't in my life very long was was genuinely caring but able to set my backside on fire.

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My girlfriend in 1977.  And I wasn't the spanker!  In this part of the country, paddlings are still given in public schools, though not as often as in the 60s and 70s.  I was in my first year of college and I picked her up from school on a Friday.  She lived near enough to the school to walk home but it gave us a chance to see each other.  She wasn't in her usual good mood, for a Friday, so I asked what was wrong?  It seems that her study hall got a bit too talkative, and finally, the lady in charge brought an assistant principal down to quiet the room.  The entire class was told they would have to come in Saturday or be paddled.  This was before the days of ISS (at least in South Carolina), and less than 10 students were willing to show up at 8 AM on a Saturday.  Nowadays of course, I would tell my child to resist such a blanket punishment, and prove which students were guilty, but back then, teachers got away with a lot!  Anyway, long story short, the girls wound up going to the gym and two of the PE teachers gave them 10 swats each with a paddle.  The boys went with the assistant principal (male) and they got their licks in his office.   I had never spanked Darlene (and never got to do so :( ), but she was very detailed in her description.  She said she took all 10 licks and then went back to the study hall to let the teacher know she would NOT be in school tomorrow.  I didn't want to seem too curious, as I was still figuring out my place in the spanko world, but I did ask her if it hurt.  She said that only two girls cried, but allowed that "after the sixth one, they  stung a lot worse."  She also said that the P E teacher who paddled her was stronger and "really burned me up!"  We went to the football game that evening and did some rolling around in my basement bedroom afterward, so I did get a look at her.  The marks were not nearly as bad as I expected---her right cheek had a medium-sized red circle imprint, but the left cheek looked undamaged.  And I DID get a good look!

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