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Unexpected trigger words

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I’m a spanko and sub, and I have some phrases programmed into my brain that set off my spidy senses, if you will.  Today I was working from home... actually staring off into space.  A (presumably vanilla) home visitor asked me if I was working, and I joked, “Sort of,” and then she asked, “Do you need some motivation?”  I quickly squeaked, “No no!” and got focused.

I had instinctively responded as though it was a teasing threat when it probably was an innocent attempt at small talk.  

The words, “Do you need some motivation,” pushed my button (in a warm fuzzy way), taking me back to when I was maybe being encouraged to do homework or my chores.  I guess it was a common phrase to get that deep in my subconscious.

Have any of you ever heard surprising words that pushed your spanko button out of context?  How did you feel about that?

I got pushed into sub space, which I’m generally okay with, but I was also confused about it.  I didn’t hear it in the most likely correct context.  I *always* assume a vanilla context unless negotiated otherwise, to protect myself, though probably I have missed a few “winks and nods” on purpose.

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Although none would send me into subspace there are a few that trigger a faster heartbeat and get me thinking.

Young lady

Little Girl

Little one

We have business to Discuss

Do you need some motivation?

Plus that certain look from my guy.....


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Being called by my full (first, middle, and last) name. Or being called "Miss", even if some is just saying, "Pardon me, Miss" or something along those lines. Also, though it's not a word, the jingle of a belt buckle gets my attention every time!

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