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With the NFL season in full swing, I became curious and wanted to ask:

What are your favorite sports to watch? Who are your favorite teams?

For me, NFL football is by far my favorite sport to watch, and I am a born and raised Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Though with Roethlisberger out for the season, I don't see much promise for any playoff appearances this year. It's certainly going to be a rough season for Steeler Nation.

The only other sport I watch is NHL hockey, and I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. As you can see, I am definitely a native of western PA.

I'd love to see the favorites of others here who also have a love of sports. 

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7 minutes ago, AfterGeometry said:

Oh Poor Steelers ....Just beat by my favorite football team. Seahawks. 


But actually baseball is the only sport I get passionate about.    Playoffs are almost here!  Go:  Cardinals, Twins, Athletics. 

You really think one of those 3 teams will make it to the World Series? 

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39 minutes ago, Correctmeplz46 said:

Calm down, calm down...no need to get that blood pressure up I was just checking.

No harm in rooting on the underdogs. I do that to when it come to MLB playoffs and World Series. 

I am always calm.   You EEs like to over-exaggerate and embellish.   Must have to do with EEs and their lust for Drama. 

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Baseball. Love to see Twins vs. Dodgers. A rematch of the 1965 series when the Twins(the original Washington team) could not solve Sandy Koufax's pitching in game 7.

 Of course Yankees and Dodgers, or Yankees and Cardinals would be okay too. Some great WS in past with those match ups.

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NFL. Cowboys. I don't really follow the sport anymore, but when I was a kid, my dad, not having any boys to share his passion for Cowboy football with, taught me the game and encouraged me to yell at the tv with him. If the Cowboys played the early game on Sunday, he let me skip church so I could watch football, cheer our team, and eat chips and dip with him. The Cowboys naturally earned my undying loyalty for getting me out of so many boring sermons!

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My favorite  NFL team is the Cowboys. I’ve been a fan of the Star since Roger Staubach’s days as Dallas QB. Looks like we may have a chance to be good  this season, although the next two games will reveal if we’re contenders or pretenders (vs New Orleans and Green Bay). 

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Real football (you guys call it soccer LOL)

Pro Tennis... Those athletes-for the most part-are for all of us cool examples of athletes who compete in a sport that develops character in a meaningful way. They do not blame others when they have a bad day. 


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