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Can you produce in under 30 seconds


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Can I borrow $40 

I had to Google that to even learn what a banana case was, had no idea those even existed!! CYP a popsicle stick? 

I know.  I was just testing the limits of your patience.   I guess you have a lot. 

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4 hours ago, SpankmeNokc said:

Yes if leather counts as skin from and animal. 

CYP in 30 seconds  a craft Beer!!! ( I really  need a beer today) 

Nope, don't drink beer. CYP a Canadian quarter? 

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Yes, but I would never put one of those nasty things in my mouth! They have them in the hotel sundry shop, which is less than 30 seconds away. 

CYP an un-chipped car key?

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