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INDIANA Looking for a long term relationship

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I'm new to the site. I live in central Indiana near Kokomo. I'm 28 years old, I have one child and work a full time job. I have been interested in the DD lifestyle for about 10 years and had one relationship which introduced me to the lifestyle. I feel like it's just a missing piece now and I crave the discipline. 

Im good looking with an average body type, looking for the same in a man. I'm looking for a man between 29-40 who is hard working and has even stronger hands. 

In the past I have lived the DD lifestyle privately with my partner and am not interested in going public with my personal life. 

I'm smart mouthed and sassy, but also really sweet and fun. 

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Welcome to the site and I hope you can find what you are looking for.  If you have any questions on the DD lifestyle, I have over 15 years of DD experience.   Ask away.....


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I wish I were younger but, alas, unless you want an experienced disciplinarian, I am afraid that I am a tad too old for you, Young Lady.  But, I do wish you the best in your search and hope that whoever you find treats you with patience, compassion, understanding as well as being stern, fair, and strict with you.  He must be able to protect you, not just from others, but from your own actions, as well, that may be harmful to you and/or your welfare.  Take care and stay safe, Young Lady.

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