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How many times have you been spanked in 2019?

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Too many times to count or remember. Happens at least once a week, sometimes more.

Not enough!!

Nada. Zip.  Zero. Zilch.  That must mean I'm behaving exceptionally well this year, right? 

about 4 times, 3x by an older uncle type that took my pants down for a bi-weekly dose of the belt and sometimes the cane and once at the hands of christy; she blistered every inch of my bare bottom with a large assortment of implements...... i think i'm long overdue for another trip over the sofa with her, only next time i know my mouth is getting an intense and thorough dose of soap..... and presumably the spanking that follows will be longer and harder.

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26 minutes ago, Guiltygirl said:

Not enough! 

We could fix that for next year.  Say February.  

I know that doesn’t help now.  Just trying to be of assistance.   

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