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What does a professional ER charge?

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I realize that, like anything else, the answer is "it depends", but just throw some numbers out there so I can get kind of a ball park estimate. How much would you be (or have you been) willing to pay for a spanking? Or how much would you (or have you) charged for the service?

To clarify, I have no intention of seeking such...I'm just curious.

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You can google this and several will pop up. Having talked to a couple over the years the cheapest I have seen is $150 an hour....it went up from there depending on what you need and wanted.

Not something I would ever do.

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There really is no one answer to this. As someone who has done sessions as an -ee, I have been paid $100 for an hour, up to $400 for an hour. 

I have not offered professional ER services. But I know some people, and I imagine that the price ranges as well.

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The only professional ER (female) I know in NC charges $125 per hour for a basic session. I know a male in Utah who charges $175 per hour but his sessions are a little more involved and he works with a lot of couples. He told me the Latter Day Saints thing tends to make marriages difficult. 

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Since joining SN a few months ago, I have become aware that there are several professional spankers who are active here. Perhaps one of them would be comfortable discussing rates and how those numbers are determined.

I am wondering like others exactly how this works. Not sure if I would use those services or not, but it's good to know there are safe and sane people willing to provide for our needs and I see nothing wrong with charging an appropriate fee. 

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I think there was a breakdown of why Michelle charges $150, part of it was cleaning the implements. As you can tell, at the moment I can't remember the rest of the breakdown.

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On 9/26/2019 at 11:59 AM, Chastener said:

I must have missed the boat, which is not unusual.  For years I've been disciplining women without compensation and plan to continue doing so.

The markets for male and female spankers are very different. 

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