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Yes, before I discovered rattan I used them a couple of times. I would not care to use them again because I find rattan to be a superior material in every way.

FYI, if anyone here is interested in ordering rattan canes in bulk, you can do so at Franks Rush and Cane for pennies apiece, link here: https://www.franksupply.com/bamboo/rattan-poles.html#kooboorattan

I prefer the KR9-10 3/8" diameter canes (although the diameter will not be exactly 3/8" so you will get a little variety). Order  them cut to 3' lengths to save on shipping costs. You get about 16 canes in a 1-lb. shipment of 3/8" diameter kooboo rattan. The last time I ordered, I figured the cost per cane to be around $1.88 after shipping. You can expect to pay almost this much for a single cane on some sites.

You need to figure out which end of the cane is best for swinging and then round the tip of the striking end with sandpaper to avoid causing damage to the skin. You can also apply heat with a blow dryer and a little pressure to straighten out any warping. I sometimes heat one end in a pan of hot water and then wrap it around a small diameter glass and tie it off to dry over night. so I I can create my own "school canes." https://www.spankingtube.com/photo/275628/

I would encourage anyone who is interested in trying some canes to give this site a look.  I have been ordering from them for years and their customer service is outstanding. Once I inadvertently ordered the wrong size and they re-shipped the right size to me and absorbed the shipping cost.

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