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I find myself with a collection of implements, brushes paddles, canes, belts... everything you can imagine... 

Even if I tend to use the same few things I find myself wanting to collect more.

what is everyone’s favorite/least favorite toys?

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Actually, one of the worst is the "Naughty Pad". Have to sit on it after or, sometimes, before a discipline session. An half hour on this thing after a hard spanking is agony. Other than the cane a bath brush paddling is about the worst. And the Naughty Pad after ... OH GOD!!!!


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Damn.  I’ve heard of people having to sit on things like a scratchy doormat after a spanking, but I’ve never seen anything like the naughty pad before.  Excuse me if I DON’T mention that to my Dom.

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as an Er i liked the wooden spoon best.  Maybe it’s the italian in me lol.  My least favorite to use was the bathbrush, I reserved it for punishment/serious offenses.   Call me a wimp if you want, but I would never make an ee sit on one of those “naughty mats”.  A hard spanking is effective enough, no need to make one suffer to that extent.  Different strokes for different folks, but I don’t see the need. 

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