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how to have a DD relationship

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My husband and I have been married a year and have a baby now. He spanks me and it has helped us I need some help what are some good rules to inforce for a relationship like this especially with kids around and for those couples who have kids how do the spankings go down and stay diligent with it. Also I was gonna see if he would start the maintenance spankings but so those really work 

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It's something you have to work into, discuss and agree upon how it will work in your specific situation, there is no one size fits all set of rules/guidelines for DD relationships. One of the things you have to figure out right from the start is times and places for your spankings to take place especially when there are children in the home and you don't want them to know.  It's possible to make it work, but you may also want to consider having a friend, neighbor, or relative baby sit for a couple of hours so the two of you can be alone with no interruption, or you might be able to find a place in your home where sound is not as likely to be heard by children who are sleeping. 

Being diligent and consistent is extremely important in DD, and necessary if it is going to work.  There are so many possibilities I couldn't begin to list all of them here, but to answer your question, yes maintenance spankings do work and are a good thing to include in a DD relationship provided that both of you sit down and talk through how and when those are going to take place. I have always believed that maintenance spankings need to be on a fairly regular schedule so that the person being spanked knows they have the next one to look forward to.  Once a week works very well for most DD situations, but some will choose to do once every two weeks, or only once a month, the two of you need to figure out what works best. 

Very important, you also have to figure out exactly how much control you want to give over to him. In many DD situations, particularly when there may be cultural and background influences leading them into this situation, it works best if the person agrees freely to be 100% submissive to the other partner. But DD can also work equally as well if both people agree on certain things that will result in receiving a nearly immediate punishment with no possibility of talking your way out of it, but leaving other things open to discretion and discussion as they come up.

Only you two can figure out which is best for you. Some people are happiest being 100% submissive and always quietly accepting whatever the dominant partner decides without questioning or objecting, and if that works for you, there is nothing wrong with going to that level. But if you aren't quite ready to, or might not be totally comfortable giving that much control, that's fine too and you can choose a somewhat different degree of submission. Others just can't be very submissive at all, and for them DD won't work and would only create new problems.

Best of luck to you, and to making your DD relationship a positive one. 

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