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Spankings in Movies and Television

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Does anyone else watch Last Man Standing? Am I the only one who thinks there should be spanking in the Baxter household? There have been several episodes where a spanking would have been a natural conclusion. 

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As someone mention, there is a spanking in Lady Jane. Horrifyingly, this is one of the few parts of history that the film got right, Lady Jane was literally beat into submission before she agreed to marry Guilford Dudley in her parents attempted coup to alter the succession. It's likely that most versions of Tom Sawyer have the thrashing he takes from Mr. Dobbins instead of Becky as it's integral to the plot. The same is true with productions of Nicholas Nickleby. There was one quite graphic one I remember seeing as a child around the Iraq war, but is difficult to get a hold of. There is the boy who forces Nicole Kidman to spank him in dodgeville. I forget if there is a spanking seen in How Green was My Valley. There certainly was a playful swat to his naked rear end by his sister. Others have mentioned, a dangerous method, secretary, and a few I have never seen. There is a caning in the recentish David Copperfield and another in Igmar Bergman's Bizzare Fanny and Alexander.


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There is a show called "Community" on Netflix (comedy about community college) where a main character has to pick her own switch and goes over the knee of someone elses grandma on "family day".  (First season, towards the end of the season)  It is supposed to be commical but my brain was just in shock lol.  My husband kept peeking at me to see my reaction lol.  The next day he made me pick a switch in our hike. A few swats with that and I was sure glad he let me keep my jeans on!  It was just some funishments, man would that hurt in the puniSHED with my pants down though.  

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On 5/11/2020 at 12:49 PM, LikeSpank said:

Does anyone else watch Last Man Standing? Am I the only one who thinks there should be spanking in the Baxter household? There have been several episodes where a spanking would have been a natural conclusion. 

There was an episode called Spanking. It was all about why they don't anymore. 

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Frontier Gal had a spanking at the end. And not even mentioning all the spankings in Tom and Jerry. There is a paddling in Slimeball Bowlarama. There is a short spanking in one of the toxic avenger movies. There was one swat in a Reba episode. There were two high school gang members spanked otk by an android in Class of 1999. 

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There was also a movie version of Tom Brown's Schooldays that featured a caning for poaching. In the version I saw it was extremely tame. The cane was lightly tapped on the boy's bbottom and there was a sound effect of a loud POW but it was clearly not meant to be taken seriously. I have seen a couple youtube videos of excerpts of other movies featuring tht scene but its not the movie i saw.


... and I should be SPANKED for that last sentence!

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Just been getting my feet wet by browsing the various sites, so since Im here I'll have to add my two cents and mention a few movies not yet mentioned.

"Look for the Silver lining"...singer didn't want to go into a show, husband spanked her. "June Bride"...wedding, little sister said something, got spanked with a newspaper. "and the angels sing"..Fred McMurray and a few others spank a bunch of sisters ...

TV.... I remember an episode of the Saint where Roger Moore spanks a girl



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On 8/20/2019 at 9:45 AM, Redskinluver said:

Surprised no one mentioned the spanking Elvis Presley gave Jenny Maxwell in Blue Hawaii. He even tells her "what you need is a good oldfashioned spanking" just before he turns her over his knee.

 And more recently, who can forget what is maybe the greatest TV Spanking of all where Mary Louise Parker is spanked by her drug lord boss in Weeds? Best of all she is spanked over a pair of skimpy black panties, and she is shown examining the red on her bottom afterwards. Wouldnt have had that in old (30s-50s) movie and TV  spankings.

 Some folks on certain spanking sites lament that spankings have mostly disappeared in film and blame it on the feminists. However it  is all too true that old film spankings often involved the "taming" of a  strong-willed woman, or depicted women as scatterbrained and irresponsible(think of episodes of  I Love Lucy) and such attitudes are rightly criticised. And what is really offensive is the argument by some that only M/F spankings are "natural" because all men are  supposed to be dominant and all women submissive. Totally narrowminded and disrespectful of both men and women, not to mention people in same-sex relationships.

 Someone posted how he would have liked to see a strong man spank Xena Warrior Princess. All I can say is that I might (but not quite) feel sorry  for any man that had tried that! If anything Xena would have been doing the spanking! And of course F/F spanking would have been just the thing for the show. Perhaps the only one Xena would have taken a spanking from was her mother. And the actress that played her mom the innkeeper looked big and tough enough to do it. Now that is rather pleasurable sight to imagine, the mighty warrior princess across her mother's knees getting her bare bottom paddled good! I believe I have seen come to think of it ,spanking art of Wonder Woman getting spanked by her mother the Quuen.

 True that more recent TV shows did have some spankable bottoms. I have often thought what a pity there was no spankings on Baywatch. Oh, actually there was. In one episode Pam Anderson gave fellow lifeguard Newmie a hard smack on the seat of his swim trunks!



I think that Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) could have had a very interesting spanking relationship in a cross-over episode or two.  They would have made quite the spanko switch couple.

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On 7/18/2019 at 10:01 AM, LateBloomer said:

I remember this movie. I think I was in my 20's when I saw it. You don't see the girl at all, during the spanking, just Dad and the boyfriend, but you hear the strokes. It sounded brutal. At the time I didn't know that TTWD was a Thing. I didn't understand my draw to spankings. Hearing that belt land so hard had me cringing and it made me question whether I really wanted a spanking and it added to the thoughts that there was something wrong with me.

Thinking about it now, I believe it was the abusive nature of it that made me cringe. The Dad character was a scary dude.

No doubt.  There is a difference.  He abused her, and beat Keifer as well. 

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On 4/3/2020 at 11:12 AM, JonTx said:

There is a very early (1970s) Story of O movie that went into theatrical release nationally. It's hard to find but it is probably the most erotic depiction of consensual spanking and whippings that I've ever seen.

Certainly not television and not mass market, but it was in theatrical release and showed in small towns like Lubbock, Texas. Hardly the East Village.

That is a crazy show! Way over the top!

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A scene that affected me personally was the second episode of the third season of Ally McBeal appropriately titled "Buried Pleasures."  I was not prepared for Portia de Rossi (Nelle) to share her fantasy of being spanked with Lucy Lu (Ling).  "I would never do it," she protests after sharing her interest in spanking.  At the time, I remember hearing a woman discuss spanking via a popular television show and I'm still not sure how my friends didn't hear my heart pounding in my chest as we watched.  Though there is an awkward spanking with a hairbrush at the end that didn't resonate, hearing someone articulate that desire at the time made it less weird for me to have similar feelings.  I felt normal pertaining to my spanking affinity for the first time in my life.

Begins at 13:40.


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I can't remember the details but there was a kids show on UK TV in the 80s set in Victorian England. In one episode a teenage girl is threatened with being put over her mothers knee although nothing happened. I remember at the time thinking by the time her Mum had gotten through all the layers of dress, petticoats, corsets and bloomer etc she'd have forgotten what she was going to spank her daughter for !

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There's a movie from the 1930's i saw a clip of where a boy gets the razor strop. the actual spanking is off camera but the facial reactions are on-camera. The boy actor was probably just reacting to sound effects!

The movie is called Public Enemy. James Cagney is in it but he is not the boy getting stropped.

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When I was 8 I had nightmares after watching this 1983 version of the Hound of the Baskervilles. I watched it again for the first time in years and was intrigued to see this scene - it's not a spanking scene but I think it might have sown the seeds for my particular love for Victorian/Edwardian spanking fantasies .... I remember even then imagining what would have happened if she'd been caught being disrespectful to her master and exposing her bloomers !


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On 1/15/2021 at 5:37 PM, RemainsNameless said:

There are some really intense caning and whipping scenes from a show called Happy Valley, including one with a sjambok. It's pretty brutal, but the actress is really cute. Not sure why the video quality is so bad right at the beginning.


What's with the Hebrew sub-titles?

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There are a couple of films that I have seen over the last 40 years or so that have had fairly realistic caning scenes
There's the rather bizarre film 'If' which is set in an English Public school (actually private fee paying boarding school) where 3 of the rebellious senior boys are caned by the prefects. It takes place in the Gym, the first 2 canings are heard rather than seen, but the main protagonist's caning, played by Malcolm McDowell, is shown in part. It's a rather brutal caning, but apparently typical of the way canings were meted out in certain Public schools. It can be found on Youtube.

Another Public school caning is seen in the film, 'Another Country' which is a dramatisation of ex-spy and defector, Guy Burgess, set in the 1930s at Eton College. He finally, after several warnings, is summoned for a caning, and gets the customary 6 of the best. I've read that this is a fairly accurate portrayal of the canings at Eton, and once again it's the prefects (the gods) dishing out the punishment. Sadly no longer on Youtube.

I think my favourite though has to be the 'Sergeant' (3 stripes) given to the main character, Duckworth, in the film " P'tang yang kipperbang ". There's a fair bit of humour and some fabulous cut commentary from the poet and cricket commentator, John Arlott, throughout the ... ahem .. ordeal. I cannot find this on youtube anymore, but it was on TV the other week, Film 4. So for those in the UK it might be worth looking it up on 'All 4'.

It reminds me so much of my school days in the 60s and 70s. I had a cricket mad English teacher who threatened me with the Dap (South-West UK term for a Gym Shoe) and the cane on numerous occasions, usually accompanied by cricketing references.
Another teacher was the spitting image of the Whacko character played by Jimmy Edwards. A big burly rotund fellow with a handlebar mousetache, who seemed to revel in tales of spankings. But it was all bluster, he was really quite a kindly fellow, just liked to play the part. Barking mad. Thinking back, I'm sure he must have been a spanko.

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There's 22 days left to see P'tang yang kipperbang on channel 4. It might only be viewable in the UK, but I'm sure there must be ways around that.
The caning scene is fairly early on, first 15 minutes I think

Some great lines from the Headmaster and the cricketing commentary of it is priceless.


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