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I don't know much about art, but...

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.. I know what  I like.  Vermeer, Rembrandt,  El Greco, SJ Peploe, FCB Cadell, John Byrne all figure. in my list of favourites

Unfortunately I cannot draw to save myself but perhaps I could come up with something to rival an exhibition in London which  explore female fantasies including: 

'..., a naked bottom is exposed through a circular hole in a satin sheet. The fantasist goes for it; smacking, pinching, nibbling, scratching. The satin sheet shivers: perhaps from pleasure, but it looks more like uncontrollable laughter. '







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Working on my installation for major exhibitions in London and Venice.  Images projected  onto side of enormous white space - two small seeds morph into oversized peaches and then the most wonderful set of buttocks imaginable.

A fly comes into view.

It is followed by an oversized fly swatter

The buttocks start twitching as the fly swat chases the fly.


<<OK not great art but more fun than ....click here:  >Bricks    >>




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I would come to see your art gallery!!

How about one with a woman wearing a gorilla suit (without the mask) sitting on a bed and eating sweet tart candies. When patrons come by to look she throws candies at them and shouts 'animals'. Then a man dressed as a French mime comes out of a compartment under the bed, turns her over his knee and spanks her...but it's turned to mime so the spanking makes no sounds and she can only pantomime distress.

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