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EEs versus ERs Round 12


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Yes, apologies. I must have misread the one before me. I have read and understand the rules, and do not require a lecture as such, particularly in public.  I also take medication at night and am battl

I don't care how other people are treated. I have a right to be treated with respect, game or not. How other people are treated is beside the point. Add to that that it was a medication issue and yes,

On 6/5/2019 at 5:26 PM, Zhev said:

So this is how it works, we start at the number 50

- Spankee's minus [2]
- Spanker's add [3]

Switches do whatever you feel like at the moment.

EEs win when we reach 0; ERs at 100.

In addition EEs can only post every 4th post (must wait for at least 3 other people to post before posting again).

ERs can only post every 3rd post (must wait for at least 2 other person to post before posting again).

For everyone's sanity and ability to keep up, you must at least 3 minutes between your posts, regardless of how many people post in between.

Next time, you should tell the switches to chose a side and stick to it.  I recommend that switches should take a side based on their last spanking session, either ER or EE, at the time of their first post to the game.  

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